Monday, June 17, 2013

The Big Hair Cut of 2013

Before the cut
 We measured a total of 13 inches from top to bottom of ponytail.
 The front view of my hair for the wedding.
 Side view of my hair for the wedding.
 The back view of my hair for the wedding.
I will be mailing off my ponytail to Locks of Love this week.  
10.Donate 10 inches to locks of love

Monday, June 3, 2013

7 Years Ago

7 years ago today I was getting up around  8 am. Getting to the church around 11 am to get my hair, make-up, and wedding dress on for pictures at 12. At 2pm I was walking down the aisle to become Mrs. Box. By 2:30 Patrick and I were announced man and wife. We headed directly to our reception until almost 4 pm. We left the church and headed out on our roughly two week road trip honeymoon. We made two stops on our way to New Hampshire from Georgia. The first night we spent in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the second night we were on the New Jersey/New York line. We had a great adventure getting lost on the interstate and exits that night. At one point Patrick was sure he had driven us into a part of the city were we would not come out alive. We found our hotel and stayed put since it was late by that point. From there we stayed in the mountains in New Hampshire for a week. We explored and shopped and drove to Vermont, Maine, and into Canada that week. On our way back we spent two fun days in New York City. What an adventure and each year is a new adventure some fun and exciting and some just down right miserable. Thank goodness we are blessed to have each other in all those times.

In 7 years we have moved 4 times, lived in 3 different states, bought a house, sold a CRV and Civic and replaced them with a van and truck, and had a wonderful baby that is now a  fun toddler. Whew! I am looking forward to what lies ahead for our family. I know that it will not be a boring ride.

A wedding picture in front of our cake.

 This is on a dinner train in the mountains of New Hampshire.
 This was taken at a lovely little restaurant close to our hotel. As you can see I am in a rain jacket. It rained at some point every day while we were in New Hampshire. That did not stop us from exploring and enjoying that part of our beautiful country.
We drove to the top of Mt. Washington. It was the only day that we did not have rain, but at the top it was windy and cool. The drive up and down was scary at times especially after getting past the tree line. The view at the top was beautiful!
Our first anniversary. We spent a day on River Street and at the beach in Savannah, GA then headed for a day or two at Beaufort, SC enjoying time at the beach and some yummy food at the Dock Side.
Our second anniversary. We went to Ashville and to see the Biltmore House. Note for next time wear more comfortable shoes to walk around.
Our third year included Patrick finishing his Masters and us moving to Iowa.
We also purchased our first house.
Our fourth year we find out we are pregnant and announce to our families at Christmas.
Our fifth year we become a family of three.
Our sixth year we learned about raising our precious boy and started learning to live more in the moment. We also are learning to step out in faith and be open to what God wants for our family. We are looking forward to what year 7 and beyond brings our family. Thanks for letting me journey down memory lane.