Monday, November 30, 2009


It is hard to believe that November is almost over, and Christmas will be here before we know it. I will be very honest and let you know I am very ready for Christmas and visiting family and friends back home in GA and in SC! Today I am mailing my Christmas cards so that they will get there for your!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Christmas Present

Yesterday we went shopping for our coffee table at Nebraska Furniture Mart. We had already picked out what we wanted so it didn't take too long. This is our present to each other for Christmas this year. Check it out: This is the best front view I could take in our living room because of space issues.
The side view
The top of the table. (It does close all the way. I just didn't notice until looking at this photo that it wasn't.)
All the storage space inside.

Welcome to the Family

Our Nutcracker Family has a new addition. Santa
Santa with the rest of the family of nutcrackers.
Also, we found a train stocking holder set that I love. There is more to the set (2 more), but not more of us.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Rap Up

This Thanksgiving week we stayed busy in many ways, and we accomplished a lot of stuff in the house. Now we have curtains up on two windows, pictures on the walls, and the Christmas stuff out and ready. We had a load of fun! Here are some pictures that sum a big portion of the week up for you:The curtains did not fit properly so Pat made them fit! Stephen taking a break from studying.
The curtain in the downstairs bathroom, and yes it had to be taken up too.

Gone are the yellow towels in the hall window. Here are the wonderful new curtains.
Patrick and Alex cleaning their guns after hunting.
One of the many pictures put up. Our house is becoming a home.
Alex and Pat AKA: Dad and Mom
Stephen on the computer. I see a theme here do you?
The china hutch
My winter wonderland
last of the wonderland.
The famous Nutcrackers we get one every year. The mouse king is from our engagement, the two on the far right are from our first year of marriage, the third on the right is from last year, far left is from New Hampshire Mom and Dad picked it up on their trip, and the second from the left is from a band student Patrick had in Madison County, GA.

Our Tree
Patrick and I with the Tree

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Week Entry 1

Patrick's parents arrived safely yesterday around 2:30pm. So far we have enjoyed looking around town, hanging out, and hunting. Well the men went hunting for pheasant while the women did some hunting in Wal-Mart and K-Mart. They came back with 2, and we had them for supper. I was weary about eating pheasant, but it tasted pretty good. I was surprised! It reminded me of pork chops because of the texture (which could be because it was the first time Patrick has ever cooked pheasant or that just may be their usual texture when cooked) and tasted a lot like you guessed it chicken.
Now the parents are off to pick up Stephen from the airport his plane is supposed to arrive around midnight. We will see they are a little behind schedule with the flight. We are praying for travel mercies with the plane and the trip to the airport and back. I'm looking forward to many great moments this week.
We were just informed that the plane will not be arriving until tomorrow. The plane to Des Monies was sitting at the terminal, but would not let them get on it because it was too late.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Loving Memories

My sister wrote the following and I wanted to share it with everyone:
November marks the birthdays of my late grandparent, G.T. and Estelle Perry. My grandfather would have turned 100 years old on November 30. I am now 31 years old and lost them the summer that I turned 18 years old. They have been gone for almost as long as God gave me the blessing of having them, yet the impact they left on my life has been monumental. As each November passes I miss them more and more. Sometimes I get out old photographs to remember the lines on their faces or I think hard in my head to remember the sound of their voices. The other day I realized that as long as I am alive, they live through me, and then through my children. Each time I plant flowers in my yard, she lives. As I learn the names of each flower (which she would have known), a part of her remains. As I sing songs to my children that he sang to me upon waking me up on many mornings, he lives. As I strive each day to be the kind of wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend, the giving spirit which I do this was learned from their actions and love towards me. Each time I walk into the doors of our church in Greenville, South Carolina holding the hands of my two children, they live. And they smile down from heaven because they know they were a part of what I have become. And I know they are proud.
For those who have the great blessing of becoming a grandparent, embrace it as my Granny and Papa did. They never bought me fancy things or took me on expensive trips. Being in a recliner in their living room was my favorite place to be. But they took they time to love and make me feel important. It is my prayer that every child could be so lucky.
So Happy Birthday, Granny and Papa. May I always bring honor to your names. May I live a life that pleases my Lord. I miss you and will always love you.
Mandy Perry Bullock

I could not have wrote anything better. The following are a few of my memories:
I remember hiding in the back seat of their car under a coat to surprise my Granny when Papa and I would pick her up from work at the sewing plant. She would always be so happy and act surprised. She would also come visit us a few hours before dark on the weekends and pretend that she was afraid to drive home alone in the dark (They only lived about 2 miles away). She always made her grand babies feel loved and special. She would fix our hair and paint our nails. She would allow us to pick out her shoes and purse for church, and she would wear whatever we picked even if it didn't match. We could always play in her high heel shoes and not get into trouble. Her favorite thing was to take us to her friends' houses or to Friendship Baptist and show us off. Once she found out we liked something she would always fix that for us every time we were visiting. Those are some of my best memories of my Granny.
My Papa was equally special in my eyes. I could always count on a ball game on t.v. , and another one on the radio when visiting them. I loved to sit and listen to his stories from growing up and all the interesting things he did throughout his life. Papa would always wake us up picking his banjo and singing some funny song. He would get us to the breakfast table for some of the best biscuits and cantaloupe I have ever tasted. Both were special and loved us unconditionally. Sometimes I just miss a great big hug and kiss from them. I thank God that I was able to have them touch my live even though it was only for a short time. I know that they are looking down on us all and watching all the graduations, weddings, and great grand babies, and I also know that they will be waiting on us in Heaven with open arms and a big kiss.
Brooke Perry Box

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Always Thankful

Today we celebrate those that have served, and those that are currently serving our country in the military. As a country we are blessed many times over by our soldiers. They have protected us from our enemies, fought for and to keep our freedoms, and aide those in need. The following is a list of soldiers, and at what time they have served our nation. Please add to the list through comment anyone else you know of that has been or is in the armed service. All I ask is that you make sure to tell their whole name and how or where they served.

PFC. George T. Perry “G.T.”-- Served in the U.S. Army from 1941 thru 1945. WWII
Served as an antiaircraft gunner in the Pacific Theater. Term in service was served in the Aleutian Chain Campaign
PFC. Carlton Mell Echols “Red”-Served in the U.S. Army, Served in the European Campaign WWII, Served as ambulance driver
Samuel Eugene Box Jr. Officer, United States Merchant Marine WWII
Simeon Alexander Box 1st Lt. United States Army. Died Battle of Kasserine Pass, North Africa February 19, 1943
Robert Neal Box U.S. Army Air Force Discharged from service when WWII ended. Was in flight training when war ended. Do not know rank.
Benjamin Edgar Box Colonel, United States Air Force. Retired 1974 after serving approximatey 21 years as pilot and U.S. Air Force Doctor. One of only ten doctors in U.S. Air Force with Pilot Wings.
W.D. Ishee He served in the Navy (CB's) during WWII.
Stacey Parsons Wright Army
Corporal Henry Jackson Hardman - Air Force - Korean War
Pvt James Charlie Hardman - Army - World War I
Joseph Thomas Daniel Hardman -Served in the U.S. Army WWII,Served in the European Theater, Fought and wounded in the Battle of the Bulge
Calvin Phillips, US Army, Korea
Jerry Paul Hagy, Jr, U.S. Army, Iraq
Robert Andrew Henderson, Marines, WWII
Merritt Walker Segers, US Army, WWII
Cpt. Michael Casiano, Army, Afghanistan twice, still serving
Seargent Richard Haeberle, Arkansas Army National Guard. He served a year in Kuwait doing security at Camp Arifjan. His orders were part of Operation Enduring Freedom.
PFC. Dwight Dean--Served in the U.S. Army, Foot Soldier in tour in Viet Nam
Sgt. Douglas Dean--Served in the U.S. Army, Retired from service, Recruiter for Army, Spent three tours in Viet Nam
Sgt. Rupert Dean--Served in the U.S. Army, Retired from service, Tour in Viet Nam
PFC. Oren Hulsey-- Served in the U.S. Army (Time not Exact) WWII, Served in stateside
PFC. Arthur Hulsey-- Served in the U.S. Army (Time not Exact) WWII, Served as heavy equipment operator, Term in service was spent in the European Theater

"Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have ever made a difference in the world, but those in the Military don't have that problem. ~Ronald Reagan

“'Thank you' seems such a small thing to say to a Veteran! Yet, what does one say to a person -- a stranger -- who knows he could die in a moment -- and willingly do so -- for you? Perhaps genuinely living in gratitude for our freedoms, and diligently remembering him in thought and prayer, is at the very least an offering that may give a glimmer of joy to his heart ... piercing through his pain?” ~ Scarlet Smith

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Turkey Hand

The picture is of a turkey my sister says our nephew insisted on making and sending to us. We just love it and so we thought we would share it with everyone. Our kitchen is being decorated with precious artwork. Thanks so much.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama

My Mama is a very special lady. She is and has always been a great mother. I feel very blessed to have had her in my life. There are many things she has done for me and our family. Thanks for always loving me, taking care of me, and calling to check on me. Mandy and I are very lucky to call you Mama. She is also a very caring Mama C to Truman and Sarah Spratlin, and one day to our little ones. You can just tell how much she radiates with love for her family and friends. I hope some of her mothering skills rub off on me for the future little Box's. I love you Mama. Happy Birthday!!!!Her biggest delight is to love on her grand-babies. If there is a way to get to them she is there with bells on. She even tells my sister that she will take care of them at night, and not to get up she will.
This is the day my niece, Sarah Spratlin joined us in the world. She makes the third generation of awesome women.
Hanging out with Truman. Keeps her busy and happy.

Watch out Here We Come

Our boys did it! We are going to the play-offs. They will be playing in the dome next Monday night. Pray for safe travel, and for them to play their best. I would love for them to win Monday night for personal reasons, one I have class Monday night, and two I just want them to win the State Championship!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Band Website

I finally have my band website up and running. Check it out, it's pretty neat.