Wednesday, September 23, 2009

House Closing

We will be closing on our house on September 30th! Yahoo we are so excited to be first time home owners. Let the shopping for furniture start. We will be purchasing some furniture this weekend, and a stove and a fridge. I will post what we decide upon soon! The first couch and chair from a previous post this month will show the couch and chair that is on hold for us! I'm so thrilled that we will have space to put things, and that we will be able to have all of our stuff at our house! Having a couch and chair will be extra nice since we have been sitting in computer chairs or folding chairs since April or May.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

4 and 0

The Tigers pulled off their fourth win of the season this past Friday night. Way to go guys. The band sounded great too. Way to go 8th graders on your night of fame with the high school band.Boy was this sign correct. There were lots of feathers flying. Way to go Tigers!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tournament Win

Patrick sporting some of his spoils from being part of the winning team in the tournament! He also received a gift certificate for a local restaurant(The Market on 30) for guessing the closest number of tees in the cup, and last but not least for the team winning he got a gift certificate for a foursome to play golf at the Carroll Country Club (range balls and cart included).

Social Butterfly

This weekend has been a blast! I feel like a social butterfly lately. Friday night we went out to eat with Michael and Kim then played Scene It and some other really fun game. We had Chinese food which was quite good if you were wondering.
Saturday was a day of rest: Wal-Mart, a movie on t.v., a nap, and knitting for me. For Patrick it was go hit golf balls at the driving range while I was napping and then come back home only to get bored because he can't sit still. So, he decides to go back and play a game of golf. He meets up with some teacher friends (the best kind right folks), and plays 9 holes of golf with them. He even got me to come out and watch about 4 holes! After that we went to celebrate a friend's birthday and have some great hamburgers with all the fixings.
Today we had a great Sunday School lesson over the Burning Bush. We are studying the book of Exodus which has already been very insightful and we have only covered the first 4 chapters. Learning to listen to God's calling, and watching how God takes care of his people. Also, how He uses the least likely. He will and wants to use us all. Wow! The workings of God are amazing. The main lesson today in Big Church was enlightening too. It was over Mark 8: 27-38. The key points that I got were: 1) Jesus wanted more than a textbook answer for who he was and is. 2) It is the head and heart that needs repair, for our tongue speaks what is in our head and heart. 3) There are no shortcuts to spirituality. It takes time! Lots to ponder right.
After Church we relaxed a little and then I went to a Jewelry Party with my friend Nicole, and Patrick went to play in a fundraiser golf tournament.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Southern Talk

Since moving to Iowa I have received some interesting questions: Where are you from being the first, why did you move to Iowa being the second, and lastly have you experienced a winter here yet? The questions never arise until I open my mouth and start talking of course! I find it humorous that everyone seems to ask the same things! While subbing I have obtained comments like "she must be from Texas or the South," and my personal favorite happened today while substitute teaching at Carroll Middle School "Mrs. Box what country are you from?" The second question is easy enough: my husband got a job teaching band at Carroll Middle and High Schools. To the third I always respond no, and it is a little frightening that everyone seems to bring up the winter around here. In answering about the winter they ask if we have heavy coats and one boy at Glidden High asked is we had a snow blower yet!
Other than these fun comments that I just had to share with everyone. I wish you all a wonderful day.
~Talk to y'all later

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We started celebrating this wonderful holiday on Friday night with our friends the Meyerings' around the fire making s'mores and drinking hot chocolate. The night was just perfect to hang out, chat, and tell stories with friends. I really wanted to bring along the camera, but I was told that it was too dark to take pictures by someone who will remain nameless. So there will be no pictures to commemorate this event of the weekend.

Saturday, we went shopping in Omaha. This trip was a blast! We went to the Nebraska Furniture Mart which has everything you can imagine. I think we found couch possibilities, a fridge, and a stove. Some of the basics we will need in our new home. I feel in love with the Hobby Lobby I believe it is the biggest one I have ever seen. We made a long day of it and were so exhausted that we only made it to half time of the LSU game. On Sunday we just sat around and watched tons of Bones episodes and relaxed after a great morning at church.

Today, which is Labor Day we went to our friends the Egli's for a fantastic meal! I stuffed myself. Everything was delicious. We spent the day playing and talking with the Egli's and the Licht's. This long weekend has been a blast!
Check out the following website so you know why we celebrate Labor Day in our country:
The following are a few pictures of our Labor Day Weekend:

This is a picture of the couch we like best!
The chair that goes with it.Another couch possibility but with a different fabric.The chair that goes with it.

Sweet baby boy. Those of you that know me know I was always close to this little one today.

Sweet hugs.
Cute girl
The big boys had to play ball too.
The windup
Playing in the dirt again.
Swing batter swing!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The House Hunt Ends

They accepted our offer on the house today! Yahoo and Praise God!! We still have to go through the business part of having the place appraised and inspected but one major step is accomplished. Here are a few pictures but not all of the house picture are on here because it takes so long to upload. Anyway here they are and they are not in any particular order:
This is the front of the house and that is our realtor opening the door for us to have a look see of the place.
This is one of the bedrooms.
This will be our office room and then eventually a nursery.
This is the master bedroom I believe.
This is the bathroom. The half bath is on the first floor, but I didn't post the picture.
The stairs to the bedrooms and full bath.
The fireplace in the living room for those cold winter days and nights in Iowa!
The kitchen
The dining room. You can't tell from this photo, but I have a red room here folks!
The Garage