Friday, January 27, 2012

Big Boy

Look at me! I'm sitting up like a big boy.
Really it is true. I know you can't believe it.
I am also enjoying time in my high chair.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hunger Games Series

One of my 12 in 2012 is to read other genres. I have started out the year strong with this particular goal.
I must say that I really liked the Hunger Games series. I read all three books in one week! The books just seemed to pull me in. I couldn't get enough. It has been a really long time since I have been so captured by a series of books. The characters became real to me. I strongly suggest you check out this series---you will not be disappointed. On March 23rd the movie for the first book will be hitting theaters. I hope that they do not change the story line too much!
If you are wondering the order:
1st-The Huger Games
2nd- Catching Fire
3rd- Mockingjay

The next book I will be trying is The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom.
Please leave suggestions of books you like.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Take Two

The last crib backboard panels messed up and Nebraska Furniture Mart allowed us to return and replace our crib. Since we were not able to find a crib that matched the dresser we were able to switch that out too. They have great customer service.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Rugs

An exciting post I know. We used some Christmas money to purchase these rugs. They were needed to make the living room look nicer, but also a softer place for Charles to do tummy time/eventually crawl around on.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My 12 for 2012

1.)Read the whole Bible by December 31st making small notes on each chapter.
2.) Blog more: I think this list will help me in this goal.
3.) Branch out and read other genres. Please give me some suggestions of books you enjoy.
4.) Exercise at least 10 minutes a day.
5.) Eat healthier.
6.) Learn my new camera.
7.) Take a photography class.
8.) Do another class for my reading endorsement. I only have 3 left to go. One this June and then the last two will be offered Summer 2013. After I finish my endorsement I will be certified to teach K-8 Reading. I am already certified to teach K-8 Language Arts, K-8 Social Studies, and K-6 Elementary.
9.) Go to some events for Carroll area moms. I need to get to know some other moms in the area. It will also be fun as Charles gets older to have some other children to play with. I am excited that they do a moms only night out once a month.
10.) Drink more water. I did really well with this during my pregnancy not so much lately. Not only will this be healthier it will be cheaper than soft drinks.
11.) Be more adventurous- get out and do things. I have been more of a home person since having Charles.
12.) Enjoy parenthood and be a better wife.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Play Time

This is my favorite recent picture. I just love his smile.
Playing with links and a hammer rattle. He looks like he is trying to decide what to play with next. He really loves play time.
All done with toys. While he did tummy time he played with his drum and I also read him a book.
Right after church last night. He is a little ham.
He really studies the toys before he plays.
Hanging out in the clothes basket.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who's training Who????

My journal of getting Charles to sleep through the night so far. I think this will be really neat in his baby book.
On January 3, 2012 we try to get Charles to sleep through the night. The plan is to just pat him every ten minutes to get him to go back to sleep. Starts crying and after 30 or so minutes of him pitching a fit we give in and feed him 4 ounces. A rough night for all involved! Going cold
turkey did not work for Charles or us.
January 4, 2012- We decide to try weaning Charles instead of just giving him his full amount of food. Now when he wakes we only give him 4 ounces each time. He wakes up 2 times.
January 5, 2012 Didn’t get to dream feed tonight too tired, and add to the fact that it had only been an hour or two from his last feeding—and we wanted to go to sleep! He woke up at 10:45, 12:25, and 3:05. We are still feeding 4 ounces at these feedings. I am asking myself: “who is training who?”
January 6, 2012 I was able to dream feed Charles before going to bed tonight at 10pm- 6 ounces. He woke up at 2:15 and 4:30. I don’t consider 4:30 a middle of the night feeding. I would prefer him to wait until 6, but one adjustment at a time. 4 ounce feedings continue. So getting better I guess. Tonight he went back to sleep so much easier than last night! Hopefully we are getting somewhere!!
January 7, 2012 We dream feed at 10 again tonight. I hope tonight goes even better. I am thinking about downing the amount he gets for night time feedings to 3 ounces tomorrow night. I would love to end this month with Charles sleeping through the night regularly! He woke up at 3 and then slept to 5:30. Getting better.
January 8, 2012 We did not start the 3 ounce thing last night. I was sick and didn’t want to mess around if the 3 ounces didn’t work. He woke up one time at 1:25. He was dream feed at 9:35 pm. He woke up for his morning feeding at 4:05. We will work on getting that closer to six after we cut out the night time feeding.
January 9, 2011 We dream feed Charles at 10:15. We are continuing with the 4 ounce feedings in the middle of the night because I am sick. He woke up one time at 1:05 and then slept until 4:50.
January 10. 2011 I feed Charles 6 ounces at 8:45pm. When he was finished we all went to bed. I started cutting the feedings to 3 ounces in the middle of the night. He woke up at 12:15- I feed him 3 ounces and put him to bed—praying he wouldn’t wake up until morning. He woke up around 5:45 cooing and baby talking. I went in about 5:55 changed him and talked to him. He ate at 6 am. A good night:)! Patrick and I both told him how proud we were of him sleeping.

5 Months

This little big guy turned 5 months yesterday.

Favorite Toys: sax rattle and ball/rattle. He likes anything that makes noises.

Favorite Pass Time Activities: being read to, cuddles, funny faces and noises from mommy and daddy. He loves his swing. He likes tv: Curious George and Cat in the Hat.

Accomplishments: he is beginning to sit up on his own. He holds his head up really well. He can stand up and only needs someone to help balance him. He is making all kinds of coos and different sounds. He is trying out his vocal cords with something other than crying.

Eating Habits: He eats roughly 35 ounces of milk daily. We are eating cereal about 4 tbsps a day. He still wakes up once a night to eat, but we are slowly working to cut that feeding.

Clothes: He is wearing sizes 6-12 months in clothes depending on what the outfit is.

Diaper: size 3.

He is one special boy!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


With Aunt Allie
With Uncle Stephen
With Aunt Debbie and Finley
Eating yummy cereal.
Heather and I
Katy, Jessica, Erika, Me, Charles, Chris, Patrick, and Matt. We missed Dustin and Elizabeth. Hopefully they will be able to join us next time.
Chris getting in some practice before his little one arrives in March.
S.S.B feeding Charles. She loved to feed him and even volunteered to change a diaper:)!
Charles decided he would like to feed himself.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Santa Visits Charles for the 1st time

It was a very special Christmas this year. This is the first year we got to celebrate with Charles! Last year we were announcing to our families that we were going to have a baby, and this year we got to introduce him to his extended family, and some of our closest friends. See what Santa brought our good boy. I know I am behind! Sorry for that. We just got back home on the 2nd. We drove all the way with a 4 1/2 month old without stopping! Between being exhausted, unpacking everything, and getting Charles back on schedule it has been a busy week home. Add to the fact that we are working on getting Charles to sleep through the night. More on that on another post.
Presents from Santa.
Checking out his new stuff.
Playing in the paper.
Next posts: Charles meets family members (those that were not in the last post) and some of our friends. Who is training who: Trial and Error of getting Charles to sleep through the night.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Joyful Times

Charles waiting in the airport for his first flight!
Charles in the plane.
Lots of love from his two cousins.
Story time with Christy.
Loving from Great Grandma.
Meeting Addison and Abigail.

With Auntie M.
Charles & Anna Margaret. They are roughly 2 1/2 weeks apart.
My sweet boy at Mama C and Pop's house.