Thursday, June 21, 2012

Storytime for the Littles in your Life

Hero Dad: Perfect time to read this book since July 4th is coming upon us--read about a solider that is a real life hero to his son.

I'm a Manatee: A very sweet book about a boy dreaming of being a manatee. It comes along with a cd song about a manatee. This is a book that I would love to have in our personal collection. When I picked it up at the library all I could think of was Erika would love this book. After reading it I know she would love it just like I did.

Teeth Are Not for Biting: This is a perfect book for little ones especially if you have a biter on your hands. At the end of the book they give you tips for children that are teething or biting. This is just one book of other helpful books by this author. Other books we will be checking into a some point: Diapers are not Forever, Feet are not for Kicking, Germs are not for Sharing. Hands are not for Hitting, Pacifiers are not Forever (Charles doesn't take one. We will need one about thumb suckers), Tails are not for Pulling (If you have pets you might want to check into this one.), and Words are not for Hurting.

The Monster Returns: Okay so this book was really cute. I hate that when I finished reading it to Charles I found out it was a sequel to Jeremy Draws a Monster. Looks like we will be hunting for this book too.

 Gideon & Otto: A story about Gideon and his lovey he takes everywhere. If you have a little one that must have their lovey in order to nap or go to bed at night this would be the perfect book for your story time.
Let's Count Goats!: Counting is so much fun especially if you have fun things to count. Basic counting 1-10.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TV land

I can't believe these shows are now on TV Land. 

I spent so many nights of my childhood watching Home Improvement. I remember when it seemed like every girl had a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas. It is so much fun to see it on tv even if it is on TV Land. I guess I just remember growing up watching things like I Love Lucy and Mary Tyler Moore and old shows like that and that was in the 90's. It just doesn't seem like a show that didn't end until the late 90's should be on TV Land. Which leads me to a show that their last season ended May 16, 2005-Everybody Loves Raymond. It looks like TVLAND is upping their game! Can I say I am so excited! What shows from your childhood would you like to see on tv again? Children of the 90's what was your favorite shows to watch?  Mine:  I already mentioned Home Improvement, others: Saved by the Bell, Salute your Shorts, Hey Dude, Step by Step, Full House and TGIF shows. Speaking of TGIF I wish they would bring back some great tv shows for families on Friday nights.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Storytime for the Littles in your Life

It was JAKE!: The little boy blames everything on his dog.

No! That's Wrong!: Is it underpants or a hat that the animals found? Read to find out.

Ones and Twos: Basic counting and reading.

Same Same: Comparison between shapes, objects, and animals. Basic simple reading.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our Eventful Thursday and Friday

Last Thursday started like a normal day. Around 3 pm Charles got up from his nap. Patrick was holding him and all of a sudden he started shaking all over and staring straight ahead. The shaking spells would last from 3-5 seconds a piece and then he would stop for 30 or so seconds and repeat. He did this about 8 times. I proceeded to call the doctor to see if they could work us in and they did. We spent about 2 hours at the doctor's office (4-6pm). Charles had to go through a throat swab, blood being drawn, and then his finger being pricked because they didn't get enough blood. He had 3 more episodes in the doctor's office before we left but of course not in front of the nurse or doctor. Our doctor wanted him to go to the hospital to be checked out. We were sent to Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines.We ran home packed and left for Des Moines. We arrived around 8:30 pm and they observed him all night. The resident doctor saw about 3 episodes of what we were talking about. He thought small seizures. We went on to have a pretty much sleepless night. Every doctor that saw Charles and one of his episodes thought he was having small seizures.
Friday, we went through a battery of tests. Poor baby had to have an IV put in and they drew more blood. Then he had to be sedated for a 45 minute MRI. After the MRI we had to go be hooked up to an EEG (30 electrodes glued onto his head). He hated every minute of being put on the EEG and so did we. Within 15 minutes of having the EEG put on and us getting to the room the machine and video caught Charles have an episode. The Pediatric Neurologist stopped by saw the video and immediately told us what was going on with Charles. His diagnosis: Shuddering attacks. You may ask like we did what are shuddering attacks? Do we need to worry about them affecting his brain development? Will he always have them? Is there anything we can do to prevent them? You know a million and one questions. "Shuddering attacks: usually begin in infancy and are less common in childhood. These episodes of altered muscle tone often manifest as a rapid tremor of the head, shoulder, and truck reminiscent of a "shudder" or "shiver" from a chill. There may be stiffening, flexion, and elevation of the arms with a low-amplitude tremor. If seated, the child may lean in one direction or even fall. The child may stare, appear unaware of the surroundings and then promptly return to the task at hand. The episodes last a few seconds, and can occur multiple times a day. The spells often occur with feeding. or when the child is excited or distressed, suggesting they are a pattern of stimulus overflow in a young child. They never occur during sleep and virtually never when being held or cuddled.  The EEG during the spells is normal (Charles' EEG and MRI was normal).Neurologic and developmental examinations are also normal. The episodes may continue at lower frequency into the second half of the first decade and can, on rare occasions, cause the child to fall in the middle of activities such as playing ball. Occasionally, a family history of benign essential tremor exists, (we don't as far as we know have anyone in our family that has tremors) but the children themselves do not have a chronic tremor. The spells spontaneously resolve by the second decade without treatment." All of this information came from a medical journal titled: Nonepileptic paroxysmal disorders. Authors: Thien T. Nguyen, MD, PhD, Peter W. Kaplan, MB, FRCP, and Angus Wilfong, MD Section Editor: Douglas R Nordli, Jr, MD, and Deputy Editor: Janet L. Witerdink, MD (I just want to credit who I pure out copied). They do not change his mental capacity or IQ and he should continue to reach his milestones like he has so far (which he has been right on schedule with). Even though I know they do not harm him they still scare and bother me--even though they don't bother him. I have read about many other cases and Charles' sounds to be very mild in comparison. I am hopeful that he will grow out of them sooner than later. Please pray for us. We will go back in 3 weeks to see the Pediatric Neurologist in Des Monies for a follow up visit. 

He was a trooper. He was leaning over and laying his head on his stuffed giraffe. Patrick went to take a picture of him and he sat straight up and smiled. We are blessed with a precious baby boy and we are very thankful that he is okay.

Today he has been very calm and relaxed. He has had 6 episodes today: 2 after his morning bottle, 2 after his afternoon feeding, and 2 when he was excited while we were on Skype with my parents. This picture is of me doing crazy stuff with his hair since I had to use vegetable oil to get the glue out of his hair. I gave him various hair styles a comb over, spiked hair, and an Alfalfa do to name a few--having fun while getting out the glue. I guess that is everything and thanks for reading this really long post. I am very tired of hospitals and hope we don't have any more visits.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tee Time

Yesterday Charles and I went to watch Patrick as he played golf. Check out the new wheels we used for our little outing:

I love our jogging stroller. We recently used the last of our gift cards to purchase it last week. I have used it almost everyday since we got it. It made walking the golf course so much easier. Boy oh boy I got my exercise yesterday. Charles and I walked from the house to the golf course .7 miles, and then we made it through 7 holes before having to head back to feed Charles his supper. So 1.4 miles round trip plus walking the golf course.
While we were waiting on Patrick at each hole this is what I read. I just don't really understand golf. I can never see where the ball lands after being hit of the tee. Pretty much I am clueless when it comes to golf. I go to spend time with Patrick. In other news: I have had a hard time putting this book down since I started it.  I can't think of how to give a summary without spoiling it--just try it and let me know what you think.
I guess I should read this book in order to understand what is going on when I go watch Patrick play. Maybe I would like golf more. At this point in my life I have no desire to ever play the game but it would be nice to know what in the world is going on.

Monday, June 11, 2012

A few things

This little guy turned 10 months old yesterday.  I know he is cutting at least one new tooth if not two on the top. Our usually very smiley and happy baby has not been so happy because of teeth that are coming in to aggravate him.
 This book is not for any little in your life. This summer I will be reading books just for me and of course picture books to Charles. I finally checked out a book for my own pleasure about two weeks ago. It took me about 3 days last week to read all 407 pages of it and I wanted more. Hopefully the author will write a sequel. I know Dorothea Frank doesn't read my blog but if by chance she stumbles upon it---I would like to know what happens to the old snoops, the beauty shop, does the main character finally get a true marriage, does the long lost father step up, and so on. Don't leave a girl hanging okay.
If by chance you want to check out an preview from the book.
If you would like to see other books and find out more information about Dorothea Benton Frank. I know I will be reading more of her books. Let me be honest I will most likely read all of her books that I can get my hands on.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Storytime for the Littles in your Life

No More Diapers for Ducky!: This is a great book to read if your little one is getting ready to potty train.

The Great Fuzz Frenzy: A fun book about team work and helping each other out.

Monster Math: Fun and simple addition and subtraction math.

Whose Shoes? A Shoe for Every Job: A wonderful way to talk about different jobs with little ones. This would be a great book to have in a preschool room.

The Sunday Blues: Face it all of us feel like this from time to time.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ready to Travel

This is Charles' first birthday present. We ordered it early so he could use it on his summer trip to the south. He is now ready to travel in style. In a couple weeks he will be using it for the first time. Thanks Mama C and Pop. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Storytime for the Littles in your Life

Hit the Ball Duck: Perfect little book about baseball, and what a perfect time to read it with your little guy or girl since it is College World Series time.

Beach Day!: Oh what fun it would be to just pack up and head to the beach. With this book you and your little can.

Every Friday: Each Friday is a special outing day for father and son.

The Gobble Gobble Moooooo Tractor Book: A must read with your little. I would love to have this book!

Just One Bite: Talks about how much each animal eats and what it eats.

Roller Coaster: A great read with a little before going to a theme park.

Monday, June 4, 2012

We Interrupt our Regular Post

Yesterday was our anniversary. I ended up in the Emergency Room. So this is story of how I ended up in the E.R. on our anniversary. I was doing my wife duty of washing dishes and boom CRASH a glass breaks and cuts my thumb. The cut is close to the palm not a great place for a cut. I yell for Patrick to come help me. Let me just tell you I am horrible with seeing my own blood. I guess I was thinking Oh No I am going to bleed to death because I got a faint and sick at my stomach all at once. Did I mention I am not good with blood well I'm not so great with needles either and all I could think of was last summer how Patrick had to get stitches in his hand and how they seemed to just stab him in the finger with numbing meds. So embarrassingly enough I had to sit or recline back two times on my way to the truck. Patrick had to tell me to calm down and to breath so I used a  breathing technique from birthing class. Let me tell you it helped so much. Once we got in the E.R. I proceeded to tell the nurse then the doctor that I am awful with blood and needles. I was blessed with a great nurse and doctor thank goodness I didn't get the doctor Patrick had last summer. If that doctor would have walked in I think I would have passed out on the spot. Anyway now I have 3 stitches in my thumb for the week. I had no idea how much I used my left thumb now that it is almost impossible to do so. Some things I have found challenging: buttoning pants, changing diapers, and picking up Charles. The only perk out of this whole thing is that I can't wash dishes until they remove my stitches on Monday, June 11. The Box household will be using plastic cups for awhile since we have such a horrible track record with glass. So our 6th year is off to a crazy start.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our 6th Anniversary

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary. Last night we celebrated by going out to Charlie's Steak House and to watch What to Expect when you are Expecting.
Our Wedding Day

Our big ultrasound this past year with Charles.

Our big boy. He has helped to make year 5 an exciting year.
We are looking forward to many more happy and exciting years in our future.