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Monday, June 4, 2012

We Interrupt our Regular Post

Yesterday was our anniversary. I ended up in the Emergency Room. So this is story of how I ended up in the E.R. on our anniversary. I was doing my wife duty of washing dishes and boom CRASH a glass breaks and cuts my thumb. The cut is close to the palm not a great place for a cut. I yell for Patrick to come help me. Let me just tell you I am horrible with seeing my own blood. I guess I was thinking Oh No I am going to bleed to death because I got a faint and sick at my stomach all at once. Did I mention I am not good with blood well I'm not so great with needles either and all I could think of was last summer how Patrick had to get stitches in his hand and how they seemed to just stab him in the finger with numbing meds. So embarrassingly enough I had to sit or recline back two times on my way to the truck. Patrick had to tell me to calm down and to breath so I used a  breathing technique from birthing class. Let me tell you it helped so much. Once we got in the E.R. I proceeded to tell the nurse then the doctor that I am awful with blood and needles. I was blessed with a great nurse and doctor thank goodness I didn't get the doctor Patrick had last summer. If that doctor would have walked in I think I would have passed out on the spot. Anyway now I have 3 stitches in my thumb for the week. I had no idea how much I used my left thumb now that it is almost impossible to do so. Some things I have found challenging: buttoning pants, changing diapers, and picking up Charles. The only perk out of this whole thing is that I can't wash dishes until they remove my stitches on Monday, June 11. The Box household will be using plastic cups for awhile since we have such a horrible track record with glass. So our 6th year is off to a crazy start.

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  1. Yikes!!! That is so crazy! Glad you had good doctors and that you get a nice little break from dishes!