Thursday, June 21, 2012

Storytime for the Littles in your Life

Hero Dad: Perfect time to read this book since July 4th is coming upon us--read about a solider that is a real life hero to his son.

I'm a Manatee: A very sweet book about a boy dreaming of being a manatee. It comes along with a cd song about a manatee. This is a book that I would love to have in our personal collection. When I picked it up at the library all I could think of was Erika would love this book. After reading it I know she would love it just like I did.

Teeth Are Not for Biting: This is a perfect book for little ones especially if you have a biter on your hands. At the end of the book they give you tips for children that are teething or biting. This is just one book of other helpful books by this author. Other books we will be checking into a some point: Diapers are not Forever, Feet are not for Kicking, Germs are not for Sharing. Hands are not for Hitting, Pacifiers are not Forever (Charles doesn't take one. We will need one about thumb suckers), Tails are not for Pulling (If you have pets you might want to check into this one.), and Words are not for Hurting.

The Monster Returns: Okay so this book was really cute. I hate that when I finished reading it to Charles I found out it was a sequel to Jeremy Draws a Monster. Looks like we will be hunting for this book too.

 Gideon & Otto: A story about Gideon and his lovey he takes everywhere. If you have a little one that must have their lovey in order to nap or go to bed at night this would be the perfect book for your story time.
Let's Count Goats!: Counting is so much fun especially if you have fun things to count. Basic counting 1-10.

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  1. Eeeeeekk!!! I MUST find that manatee book!!! You are so right- I will flip out about that one!!! :)