Monday, July 9, 2012

I've Been Everywhere

We have been traveling the past couple of weeks visiting family and friends. We also had an early celebration for Charles' first birthday. Be prepared for a lot of pictures and a long post!

 Charles meeting two of his cousins for the first time. They had so much fun playing and feeding him.
 At the park in Blairsville, GA with Grandpa and Grandma.
 A beautiful bridge in the park.
 A photo opt: Mommy and Son at the park.
 Patrick playing golf. This course is beautiful.
 Charles with his Grandma Nita.
Charles' smash cake.

The front of Charles' birthday cake.

The top of the cake. Thanks Diane Klein the cake was wonderful. If you live in Danielsville, GA or close by and would love a great cake let me know and I will get you her contact information.

 My best friend Heather made this sign for Charles party. Thanks so much!!!
 For other decoration: Photo books I made on Shutterfly and Curious George books. The food in the background also had photo decoration stating what each item was with a Curious George character.
 The Curious George Happy Birthday book. We took a regular Curious George book and asked everyone to sign a message to Charles. I have already enjoyed reading what everyone wrote to him. I know when he gets older he will cherish this book.
 Charles with baby Norah. Sorry the photo is a little blurry it is hard to get a picture where one or the other of them was not moving. I thought this picture was so sweet because they are holding hands. We have been joking since we found out our friends were having a baby girl that we would arrange a marriage.
 Charles having fun playing with cousin Sarah Spratlin.
 All ready for church.
 Another photo with his cousin.
 Charles' first time going for a swim. Pop moving him around the pool. He loved the water.
 He loved this toy car and this is one funny face he is making.
 Auntie M loving on Charles before bed.
 Time with cousins: Abigail, Charles, Addison, Sarah Spratlin, and Truman.
 The 4th of July Parade in Colbert, GA. I love this picture of Patrick and Charles.
 Charles and I waiting on the parade to start. The 4th is one of my favorite holidays since I was a kid. I have great memories of going to the parade in Colbert, eating a quick lunch at home and taking a nap, and then going to Uncle Jack's and Aunt Inez's to going swimming and for supper. Also, another reason I enjoy it so much is the multitude of different homemade ice creams. Thanks Uncle Jack and Aunt Inez for allowing us to invade your home year after year. I have so many great memories of the 4th at your home. I am so happy that I get to now give some of these great times to Charles. 
 Believe it or not I used to keep this young lady when she was a baby.  Seeing her this age makes me feel really old.
Charles with another Nora. She is the daughter of his college roommate.

 All the little kids gathering around Charles to play. A few kids moved away before I could snap their picture. It was so sweet watching them play together.
The lovely ladies. I miss these girls so much. It was so much fun visiting with them even though we didn't get to see them very long. (L-R): Me, Lottie, Amanda, Jessica, Jamie, and Nora. Thanks so much for having us Chris and Lottie we had a great time.

The guys! I just took a random photo instead of having them pose for the camera. (L-R): Colt, Patrick, Brandon, Chris, and Michael.

On a side note: The trip home was a hot one. Around Asheville, NC our air stopped working(this was on Saturday around 3pm). We were able to find a company to work on our car on Sunday morning. We found out on Sunday at a Tires Plus that it was the compressor and that they couldn't get the part until Tuesday. They checked us out and let us know what was wrong within 45 minutes. Tires Plus is a stand up operation and if you ever need work on your vehicle give them a call. They are great! I am not getting anything for promoting them either, but if they would like to give us a compressor I wouldn't complain! It looks like we maybe in the market for a new vehicle sooner than we planned. Since it would cost two thousand to fix our Civic. I guess that is everything for now.

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