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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Projects and Band Camp

 I finally finished Patrick a beanie for the winter. My knitting time has decreased dramatically in the past year.

Pinterest Love: Bath Toys and a Glue Gun.
 Take plastic toys and fill in holes with glue gun to keep out the black gunk.
I know I found this idea on Pinterest but I can't remember whose idea it was. So for more details go on Pinterest.

Band Camp: It is so very hot please be in prayer for the students and adults at camp. So far they are having a blast and learning a lot.
The first night they played laser tag and had so much fun. I was not present but the stories sound like they had the time of their lives.
Last night Charles and I went to band camp from 3-9pm. Let me tell you they sound great. We were able to hear them play part of the half time show. They have a great group of parents getting meals under way. Supper was pulled pork, mac and cheese, salad, and cookies--very yummy. Last night was huge blow up water slide and pool night. Charles enjoyed the pool. Patrick enjoyed the slide and pool. I enjoyed the one time I went down the slide but one time was enough for me. I think this time was great because everyone got to cool off from the heat!!! After we left they had glow in the dark rehearsal. Charles and I had to leave before that started. I'm sure that was fun too.I know they are making memories that they will talk about for years to come.  I am happy everything is going great so far and I pray that the last two days are wonderful!!!

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