Thursday, July 26, 2012

A bad storm, tears, a book or two, and a girly movie

Warning: This is a really long post!!!
Last night we had a severe thunderstorm pass through town with tornado producing winds. I cannot stand bad storms that send me to the basement especially when I am home alone with Charles. I am so thankful that it was a quick system and not one that stuck around. The system was in and out within 30 minutes or so. As soon as it was through I prayed thanking God for his protection and for a quick storm with little time having to be spent in the basement.

True to my word I am letting you in on details now that I finished this book about two days ago. This book is jam packed with family and life changing events. If you have ever battled cancer you will feel a great connection to the main characters in this book. Add in a few crazy Italian family members and you have a fun story about love and grace. That is all I am going to give you about the book---you are going to have to read to find out more.

Last night I started this book. I didn't get very far because I was up with an upset baby. I only read while waiting on Charles to go back to sleep-reading in between his crying spells. I am looking forward to seeing how the story comes along. So far all I know is that a young couple adopted a sweet baby boy from a lady that found out she was pregnant right after her boyfriend was put in prison. The biological father is now being released from prison and has no idea he has a son.

Tears: Last night Charles woke me up crying at 11:30pm. This really scared me because he rarely wakes up in tears anymore. I went in his room and patted him and that was not going to cut it. We rocked for 20 minutes and then he started playing around so I laid him back down. He slowly went back to sleep and stayed asleep for only about 15 minutes before scream crying again. At this point I was like something is bothering him. The last time he did this was when he was cutting teeth. Before going into his room this time I got some Tylenol for him. Between the Tylenol and rocking for another 20 minutes he was back in his bed. Finally the medicine did its job after a little over an hour. Within that hour or so I had to go in his room a few times to pat his back. I'm not sure if we are battling another tooth or not yet. I just know I was up from 11:30 pm until 2:00 am this morning and up by 7:00 am. All I know is that I am so thankful that I don't always have to parent alone all the time or that I am not a military wife. I just could not do this job by myself for any length of time. Between the storm and a crying baby last night I am so HAPPY Patrick will be home tonight!!!! God bless single parents I will now be praying for you each night.

I rented this movie while out purchasing groceries for a fabulous dinner for Patrick since he has been away at band camp this week. We are having continental chicken, rice, pineapple casserole, lima beans, and ice cream cake for his homecoming. After the storm passing and getting Charles in bed I was able to watch this very cute and funny movie. I really liked the small twists they added to the story. This is the perfect girly movie if you are looking for one.

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