Monday, July 16, 2012

Books for You and the Littles

I'm back from a 18 day total vacation. We had so much fun visiting with family and friends in Georgia and South Carolina. Here are some great books to check out or purchase:
 I read this book while on vacation. It is about a lady and her two teenage daughters that move to Shem Creek from New Jersey. This book is a great beach book.
 I read this book on the way to Georgia. It is very good but I recommend that you read the back books first so that you know and understand some of the characters in this book. Series to read first in this order: Redemption Series, Firstborn Series, Sunrise Series, and then this series. I have 3 more to read in this series: Learning, Longing, and Loving. I found out when I was home that it looks like there will be another book about the Baxter family. You will not regret reading these books!!!
 I am reading this book right now and enjoying it greatly. More information to come when I finish it.
 10 Tiny Puppies: A wonderfully cute counting book. One I can't find online for some reason is Good Night, Little Bear A Sleepy-Time Tale. It is a great book to read before bed time. Thanks Matt, Brooke, Taylor, and Finley.
 ABC: You can never go wrong with reading a Seuss book. Get your tongue ready in advance before reading it to your littles. Thanks Elizabeth and Leah.
 Jack and the Beanstalk: A fun big book to read with your little ones. The classics never go out of style. Thanks Aunt Heather.
Rumble in the Jungle: Great for teaching about animals and rhyming. The pictures are beautiful. Thanks Matt and Erika.

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