Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Omaha Zoo Trip

On May 29th we had a family day trip to Omaha Zoo.

 Lathering Charles up with sunscreen.
 I'm not sure what these two animals are but they were in the desert dome.

 Charles enjoying the zoo.
 Sleeping tiger
 The dark nocturnal and swamp area put Charles to sleep. He took about about a 45 minute or so nap.
 The polar bear tried to trick us and make us think he was going to go for a swim.
 Patrick, Charles, and I.
 The gorilla was just hanging out at the window.
 Another picture of us.
 Some type of parrot.
 Charles reclining
 A very pretty butterfly.
 One of my favorite animals. I love to watch them swim and jump out of the water.
 I love giraffes. They are so pretty.
 A fun way to document his first Zoo trip.
The whole family at the zoo. Left to Right: Me, Pat (A.K.A. Grandma), Alex (A.K.A. Grandpa), Patrick. Front: Charles.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Storytime for the Littles in your Life

10 Hungry Rabbits: A wonderful book for teaching colors, numbers 1-10, and working together. 

A Garden for Pig: Pig gets tired of eating the same thing over and over. He gets an idea to make himself a garden.

Baby Loves: Everything from Mommy and Daddy to bedtime.

 Boom Bah: A great book for beginning readers, and a fun book to read aloud to those littles in your life.
Cat: this book talks about animals relationships for example: Dog chases Cat and Cat chases mouse. This is another good read aloud book. This is also a wonderful beginning reader book.

One Cool Friend: This young boy finds a friend in an unusual way.

It's Time to Sleep, My Love: Simply adorable! I loved the pictures and the story is beautifully written.

Just Behave, Pablo Picasso!: I found this book full of great information about the painter. I believe this would be an excellent book for an art teacher to have. Perfect for 2nd and 3rd graders.

My Happy Birthday Book: Sorry the picture is so small. This is a fun book about birthdays. Look closely because of the book's size it might be hard to find at the library. This book is definitely worth getting especially if your little is about to have a birthday. This book is only $2.10 new and $.48 used.

Plant a Kiss: A precious story about sharing love.

Ready, Steady, Grow!: Children change so fast and love to see how fast they are growing. This book talks to children about eating the right things, getting a good night sleep, and so on help you to grow big and strong.

The Wheels on the Race Car: Like the wheels on the bus song but to race car stuff. Charles enjoyed the vroom vroom vroom of this book.

A Paper Hug: Get your tissues handy before you read this book aloud because you will need them. A perfect book and idea for loved ones that are serving in the military.

I am working on a tab if I can ever figure it out for Storytime for the Littles in your Life. I would like it to be an easy link to all of my posts for story-time, and I would also like to have a print off list that would be useful and easy for others to take to the library or book store. If you are blog savvy and would like to help me out I would appreciate it!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ice Cream Protection

Ben & Jerry's came up with a solution to keep other people out of your ice cream! If you would like to purchase a lock go to Ben & Jerry Website. They are $6.64 a piece.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Way Back Wednesday

 Happy Birthday Patrick! What a difference a day makes. May 23rd is a special day it is the day you came into the world. Apparently Charles gets his love for his swing honest.
 How adorable is this picture?!
 His first birthday cake.
 Another cute picture. This outfit is so precious.
 2nd birthday
 This is my all time favorite picture of Patrick as a little boy. I remember seeing this picture for the first time on the first time I visited his parents.
 Christmas morning?
 3rd birthday
 Missing front tooth
 All handsome. This picture is either from one of his many band concerts or proms he attended in high school.
 6 of the 7: Dustin, Jessica, Erika, Michael, Patrick, and Chris.
 I couldn't resist putting this picture in Erika.
 Band trip to Disney: Chris, Patrick, Michael, Dustin, and Brandon.
 Halloween- Erika I'm not sure who everyone is.  Patrick is in brown, Jessica in white, Erika in red, and Chris in the back with the awesome makeup job done by Erika and Jessica.
 Marching Band: Jessica and Patrick.
 Chris and Patrick
 High School Graduation
 This picture was taken right after he asked me to marry him.
 Our 1st Christmas together.
 Our Wedding
 On top of Pike's Peak in Colorado.
 The day Patrick became a DAD!
This one is his reaction to his surprise birthday party from last Saturday. Happy Birthday Patrick. We love you!!!
A special thanks to all those that sent cards, presents, texts, Facebook messages, called, or helped in some way for his surprise party! I know he will always remember his 30th birthday because of how special each of you made it for him!