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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Surprise Party

I didn't blow the surprise or Patrick was just really easy to fool. I will say it was not easy. I had planned on sending Patrick to the store and to a graduation party but he wanted me to go also. So I had to ask our guests to decorate while we were gone. On the way to the party from the store to get a card for the graduation party-Patrick decides he must get something and take it to our friends' house on the way to the graduation party. Arg! He was not making this easy. I had to run in get what he wanted to deliver so he didn't ruin his surprise. Then I had to make something up to get him home. It all ended wonderfully! Thanks to our dear friends: The Grotes, the Whithams, and the Meyerings.
Getting ready for the party.

 Patrick's reaction
 Charles' reaction to the surprise.

 More decorations

 The food
 Hanging out:

 All the lovely cards he has received so far.
Cake and Ice cream time: This cake tasted as good as it looked!!! All I can say is yummy:)
 Hanging out:

 Thanks everyone for making this party happen!

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