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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Playing Catch Up

 Already cheering for the Screaming Eagles! Go Winthrop!!!! Thanks Dr. Crochet and family for the t-shirt. It was really nice getting to see y'all during our short visit in Rock Hill.
 Charles hard at play with puzzles and blocks. It is hard to capture his picture without him knowing it. He usually looks up, smiles, and waves his arms up and down. I have to use the sport shot most of the time or all his pictures turn out blurry. He is one action packed bundle of joy.
 This rocker was given to me when I was a baby or toddler from my grandparents. Charles liked the one at my parents so much that I decided he was ready for me to get mine out for him to enjoy. He is a typical guy he loves being in charge of the remote. The cute outfit he has on is from Mrs. Pam Hanley thanks so much it is adorable!
 Charles last night before bed. The sweet pj set is from Uncle Jack and Aunt Inez. It is so precious. I love the fact that it also has pajama pants too. The shorts are great for the hot summer we are having and the pants will come in handy come fall. Thanks so much!
Charles reclining this morning after playing with his toys for awhile. I think he is watching Dinosaur Train on TV.
On our trip home our compressor went out on the Civic. We decided to go ahead and trade in the Civic for a van. Since it was going to be about 1/3 to 1/2 what the Civic was worth to fix it, and add to that fact that we didn't have much room to travel around with anyway with the little Honda. We no longer have to worry about space. I am getting used to driving around in what I feel is a tank in comparison. I like my MOM Van. The storage space is unbelievable.
I am so behind on finishing thank you cards from Charles' first birthday party. I finished them all today. I will be mailing them out tomorrow. Know that we are extremely thankful for everything. I know I am not horribly behind since it hasn't been a month yet since the party, but I believe in writing and mailing thank you notes out within two to three days of receiving a present. My full intention was to write thank you notes as soon as we got home on July 8th but a few things got in the way: a broken compressor, having to shop for a new vehicle, getting things back where they belong in the house after a 18 day vacation, helping Patrick with getting things ready for band camp, and picking up Jake from the airport in Des Moines. With the mention of BAND CAMP a few prayer requests: nice weather and for the students to have a blast, learn a lot,  and no injuries!
Also, on July 17th Charles had a post check up with the pediatric neurologist and got a great report.  He will out grow the suddering attacks and she seemed to think it could be within a year, but to also know it could take longer. Remember they do not mess with his milestones or brain development. He is also growing so fast he weighed 25 pounds and 10 ounces and measured 31 1/2 inches long.

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