Sunday, September 13, 2009

Social Butterfly

This weekend has been a blast! I feel like a social butterfly lately. Friday night we went out to eat with Michael and Kim then played Scene It and some other really fun game. We had Chinese food which was quite good if you were wondering.
Saturday was a day of rest: Wal-Mart, a movie on t.v., a nap, and knitting for me. For Patrick it was go hit golf balls at the driving range while I was napping and then come back home only to get bored because he can't sit still. So, he decides to go back and play a game of golf. He meets up with some teacher friends (the best kind right folks), and plays 9 holes of golf with them. He even got me to come out and watch about 4 holes! After that we went to celebrate a friend's birthday and have some great hamburgers with all the fixings.
Today we had a great Sunday School lesson over the Burning Bush. We are studying the book of Exodus which has already been very insightful and we have only covered the first 4 chapters. Learning to listen to God's calling, and watching how God takes care of his people. Also, how He uses the least likely. He will and wants to use us all. Wow! The workings of God are amazing. The main lesson today in Big Church was enlightening too. It was over Mark 8: 27-38. The key points that I got were: 1) Jesus wanted more than a textbook answer for who he was and is. 2) It is the head and heart that needs repair, for our tongue speaks what is in our head and heart. 3) There are no shortcuts to spirituality. It takes time! Lots to ponder right.
After Church we relaxed a little and then I went to a Jewelry Party with my friend Nicole, and Patrick went to play in a fundraiser golf tournament.


  1. What a fun weekend! I'm glad yall have lots of people to hang out with and such a good church! How did you find the church you're going to? And the fact that Patrick went golfing THREE TIMES in one weekend is hilarious to me. Way to represent Augusta!!!

  2. We found the church through their website. We really enjoy it. I know he is now complaining about being sore. He must think he is Tiger Woods or something!

  3. Thanks for sharing your insights. I LOVE to hear what God is doing in the lives of my friends. I looked at the pictures you sent me - thanks! I'm so happy to know that ya'll are enjoying your new home eventhough we miss you. I will be calling you later today.