Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We started celebrating this wonderful holiday on Friday night with our friends the Meyerings' around the fire making s'mores and drinking hot chocolate. The night was just perfect to hang out, chat, and tell stories with friends. I really wanted to bring along the camera, but I was told that it was too dark to take pictures by someone who will remain nameless. So there will be no pictures to commemorate this event of the weekend.

Saturday, we went shopping in Omaha. This trip was a blast! We went to the Nebraska Furniture Mart which has everything you can imagine. I think we found couch possibilities, a fridge, and a stove. Some of the basics we will need in our new home. I feel in love with the Hobby Lobby I believe it is the biggest one I have ever seen. We made a long day of it and were so exhausted that we only made it to half time of the LSU game. On Sunday we just sat around and watched tons of Bones episodes and relaxed after a great morning at church.

Today, which is Labor Day we went to our friends the Egli's for a fantastic meal! I stuffed myself. Everything was delicious. We spent the day playing and talking with the Egli's and the Licht's. This long weekend has been a blast!
Check out the following website so you know why we celebrate Labor Day in our country:
The following are a few pictures of our Labor Day Weekend:

This is a picture of the couch we like best!
The chair that goes with it.Another couch possibility but with a different fabric.The chair that goes with it.

Sweet baby boy. Those of you that know me know I was always close to this little one today.

Sweet hugs.
Cute girl
The big boys had to play ball too.
The windup
Playing in the dirt again.
Swing batter swing!

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  1. congrats on your house, boxes!! glad you had a great long weekend.