Friday, September 11, 2009

Southern Talk

Since moving to Iowa I have received some interesting questions: Where are you from being the first, why did you move to Iowa being the second, and lastly have you experienced a winter here yet? The questions never arise until I open my mouth and start talking of course! I find it humorous that everyone seems to ask the same things! While subbing I have obtained comments like "she must be from Texas or the South," and my personal favorite happened today while substitute teaching at Carroll Middle School "Mrs. Box what country are you from?" The second question is easy enough: my husband got a job teaching band at Carroll Middle and High Schools. To the third I always respond no, and it is a little frightening that everyone seems to bring up the winter around here. In answering about the winter they ask if we have heavy coats and one boy at Glidden High asked is we had a snow blower yet!
Other than these fun comments that I just had to share with everyone. I wish you all a wonderful day.
~Talk to y'all later


  1. You're a southern girl and you belong in the South! Well, that's just my opinion. :) Miss you girl!

  2. What COUNTRY?? Hahaha that is hilarious. I am anxious and scared to see what the winter brings yall! But I think God has been preparing you for it...why else would you be such an avid knitter?? :)