Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Always Thankful

Today we celebrate those that have served, and those that are currently serving our country in the military. As a country we are blessed many times over by our soldiers. They have protected us from our enemies, fought for and to keep our freedoms, and aide those in need. The following is a list of soldiers, and at what time they have served our nation. Please add to the list through comment anyone else you know of that has been or is in the armed service. All I ask is that you make sure to tell their whole name and how or where they served.

PFC. George T. Perry “G.T.”-- Served in the U.S. Army from 1941 thru 1945. WWII
Served as an antiaircraft gunner in the Pacific Theater. Term in service was served in the Aleutian Chain Campaign
PFC. Carlton Mell Echols “Red”-Served in the U.S. Army, Served in the European Campaign WWII, Served as ambulance driver
Samuel Eugene Box Jr. Officer, United States Merchant Marine WWII
Simeon Alexander Box 1st Lt. United States Army. Died Battle of Kasserine Pass, North Africa February 19, 1943
Robert Neal Box U.S. Army Air Force Discharged from service when WWII ended. Was in flight training when war ended. Do not know rank.
Benjamin Edgar Box Colonel, United States Air Force. Retired 1974 after serving approximatey 21 years as pilot and U.S. Air Force Doctor. One of only ten doctors in U.S. Air Force with Pilot Wings.
W.D. Ishee He served in the Navy (CB's) during WWII.
Stacey Parsons Wright Army
Corporal Henry Jackson Hardman - Air Force - Korean War
Pvt James Charlie Hardman - Army - World War I
Joseph Thomas Daniel Hardman -Served in the U.S. Army WWII,Served in the European Theater, Fought and wounded in the Battle of the Bulge
Calvin Phillips, US Army, Korea
Jerry Paul Hagy, Jr, U.S. Army, Iraq
Robert Andrew Henderson, Marines, WWII
Merritt Walker Segers, US Army, WWII
Cpt. Michael Casiano, Army, Afghanistan twice, still serving
Seargent Richard Haeberle, Arkansas Army National Guard. He served a year in Kuwait doing security at Camp Arifjan. His orders were part of Operation Enduring Freedom.
PFC. Dwight Dean--Served in the U.S. Army, Foot Soldier in tour in Viet Nam
Sgt. Douglas Dean--Served in the U.S. Army, Retired from service, Recruiter for Army, Spent three tours in Viet Nam
Sgt. Rupert Dean--Served in the U.S. Army, Retired from service, Tour in Viet Nam
PFC. Oren Hulsey-- Served in the U.S. Army (Time not Exact) WWII, Served in stateside
PFC. Arthur Hulsey-- Served in the U.S. Army (Time not Exact) WWII, Served as heavy equipment operator, Term in service was spent in the European Theater

"Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have ever made a difference in the world, but those in the Military don't have that problem. ~Ronald Reagan

“'Thank you' seems such a small thing to say to a Veteran! Yet, what does one say to a person -- a stranger -- who knows he could die in a moment -- and willingly do so -- for you? Perhaps genuinely living in gratitude for our freedoms, and diligently remembering him in thought and prayer, is at the very least an offering that may give a glimmer of joy to his heart ... piercing through his pain?” ~ Scarlet Smith

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  1. My dad, Chaplain (Major) Michael D. Riddle - served in the U.S. Army from 1984-2004. We lived in Oklahoma, Germany, New Jersey, Louisiana, Texas, and Georgia - and my dad spent a year in Korea without his family.

  2. To add to the above for Stacey Parsons Wright-Army from 1989 - 1993. I went to AIT in Fort Huachuca to become a 96B, Intellience Analyst. I was then stationed in Wurzburg, Germany in the 3 Infantry Division. After serving just over 2 years in Germany, I was stationed at Fort Belvoir, VA for the remainder of my enlistment. I worked in the Intelligence and Security Command. After serving on active duty, I enlisted in the National Guard for a year, also at Fort Belvoir in the 29th Infantry Division as an Intelligence Analyst.
    My husband, David Wright, also served from 1989 - 1991 in Wurzburg, Germany in the 3rd Infantry Division. He was a 19K, which was an armored tank crewman. (we got married on April 23, 1991 in Germany) He also reenlisted in 1995-1998 and we were stationed at Fort Bliss, TX for 6 months, then his unit (3rd Cav) moved to Fort Carson, CO.
    My father, Mahlon Parsons, also served in Air Force but I don't know much beyond that.
    my father-in-law, William Wright, also served in the Army
    Thanks Stacey for sending me all of this.

  3. From my good friend Lynn Rowell:
    My Dad, James Richard Starnes, US Army, Korea, Germany, Japan, Vietnam...21 years

  4. From a precious lady Barbara Brasco:
    Nathaniel Stetson,my father was a chemical engineer and because of bad eyesight could not serve, but he worked on the Manhatten Project in Denver, CO and Oak Ridge, TN during WWII.

    From a wonderful friend Kelly Lessard:
    My father, Donal L. Cavanaugh, U.S. Navy 1968-1972 Vietnam War Veteran
    My grandfather, Rudolph A. Nye, U.S. Marine Corps, Iwo Jima, WWII
    My cousin, Eddie Priest, U.S. Marine Corps, Currently Serving Domestically... Read More
    My cousin, Tim Priest, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army, Currently Serving Abroad
    My Uncle, Roger Sprik, U.S. Army, Vietnam War Veteran
    My cousin, Mike Sprik, U.S. Navy, Persian Gulf
    It is vitally important that the sacrifices of our veterans never be forgotten! I am so proud of the brave men in my family and the legacy of pride and patriotism for my country that they instilled in me. We live in the greatest nation ever known to man and I am so thankful for their service!

  5. From an old friend Meredith Singley Merrill:
    Captain Trey Merrill ( Fred M. Merrill III is birth name), United States Air Force and we are stationed at Yokota Air Base, Japan.