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Friday, November 20, 2009

Loving Memories

My sister wrote the following and I wanted to share it with everyone:
November marks the birthdays of my late grandparent, G.T. and Estelle Perry. My grandfather would have turned 100 years old on November 30. I am now 31 years old and lost them the summer that I turned 18 years old. They have been gone for almost as long as God gave me the blessing of having them, yet the impact they left on my life has been monumental. As each November passes I miss them more and more. Sometimes I get out old photographs to remember the lines on their faces or I think hard in my head to remember the sound of their voices. The other day I realized that as long as I am alive, they live through me, and then through my children. Each time I plant flowers in my yard, she lives. As I learn the names of each flower (which she would have known), a part of her remains. As I sing songs to my children that he sang to me upon waking me up on many mornings, he lives. As I strive each day to be the kind of wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend, the giving spirit which I do this was learned from their actions and love towards me. Each time I walk into the doors of our church in Greenville, South Carolina holding the hands of my two children, they live. And they smile down from heaven because they know they were a part of what I have become. And I know they are proud.
For those who have the great blessing of becoming a grandparent, embrace it as my Granny and Papa did. They never bought me fancy things or took me on expensive trips. Being in a recliner in their living room was my favorite place to be. But they took they time to love and make me feel important. It is my prayer that every child could be so lucky.
So Happy Birthday, Granny and Papa. May I always bring honor to your names. May I live a life that pleases my Lord. I miss you and will always love you.
Mandy Perry Bullock

I could not have wrote anything better. The following are a few of my memories:
I remember hiding in the back seat of their car under a coat to surprise my Granny when Papa and I would pick her up from work at the sewing plant. She would always be so happy and act surprised. She would also come visit us a few hours before dark on the weekends and pretend that she was afraid to drive home alone in the dark (They only lived about 2 miles away). She always made her grand babies feel loved and special. She would fix our hair and paint our nails. She would allow us to pick out her shoes and purse for church, and she would wear whatever we picked even if it didn't match. We could always play in her high heel shoes and not get into trouble. Her favorite thing was to take us to her friends' houses or to Friendship Baptist and show us off. Once she found out we liked something she would always fix that for us every time we were visiting. Those are some of my best memories of my Granny.
My Papa was equally special in my eyes. I could always count on a ball game on t.v. , and another one on the radio when visiting them. I loved to sit and listen to his stories from growing up and all the interesting things he did throughout his life. Papa would always wake us up picking his banjo and singing some funny song. He would get us to the breakfast table for some of the best biscuits and cantaloupe I have ever tasted. Both were special and loved us unconditionally. Sometimes I just miss a great big hug and kiss from them. I thank God that I was able to have them touch my live even though it was only for a short time. I know that they are looking down on us all and watching all the graduations, weddings, and great grand babies, and I also know that they will be waiting on us in Heaven with open arms and a big kiss.
Brooke Perry Box

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