Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Rap Up

This Thanksgiving week we stayed busy in many ways, and we accomplished a lot of stuff in the house. Now we have curtains up on two windows, pictures on the walls, and the Christmas stuff out and ready. We had a load of fun! Here are some pictures that sum a big portion of the week up for you:The curtains did not fit properly so Pat made them fit! Stephen taking a break from studying.
The curtain in the downstairs bathroom, and yes it had to be taken up too.

Gone are the yellow towels in the hall window. Here are the wonderful new curtains.
Patrick and Alex cleaning their guns after hunting.
One of the many pictures put up. Our house is becoming a home.
Alex and Pat AKA: Dad and Mom
Stephen on the computer. I see a theme here do you?
The china hutch
My winter wonderland
last of the wonderland.
The famous Nutcrackers we get one every year. The mouse king is from our engagement, the two on the far right are from our first year of marriage, the third on the right is from last year, far left is from New Hampshire Mom and Dad picked it up on their trip, and the second from the left is from a band student Patrick had in Madison County, GA.

Our Tree
Patrick and I with the Tree

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