Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time with a Good Friend

Last night we spent time with our good friend Jake. We had a blast at Concord Mills! We ate supper then went out and raced Go Carts. Patrick will say he was in the lead most of the race, but his car did something funny at the end or he would have won! Jake actually won the race. I believe I got the slowest cart ever! I came in last of all the carts, but that was okay I just enjoyed getting to ride. Then we went and played putt putt. I had my best game ever I believe. Which Patrick found surprising. Those that have ever played with me know that I am horrible at mini golf! I hit the ball too hard and usually it takes me 5 tries before getting the ball in the hole! No I didn't win, but I was excited about my improvement. Jake and I both experienced hole in ones. (See the pictures below). We ended our fun at the Mills with the best ice cream ever (Coldstone). We then headed back to the Hill to watch Bride Wars at the apartment. I subjected the boys to a chick flick. Every once in awhile I get to pick the movie, and I believe I did a good job. The movie was very entertaining.Jake's Hole in One Shot!
My Hole in One Shot! On the 4th Hole.

Me getting the shot just perfect.

Patrick preparing.

Jake watching his putt.

Patrick getting his par shot in.


  1. Fun!! I'm terrible at miniature golf. And I'd been thinking about renting Bride Wars...nice to hear a good review, maybe I'll get it one day soon! Matt will be just THRILLED! :)

  2. haha, i never pick a fast cart, either, brooke! chris & his brothers are good at picking the fastest one on the track. i thought bride wars was pretty funny. sometimes guys end up liking chick flicks - like mean girls!