Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Colorado Trip and other stuff

We are almost as situated at the apartment. All we have left to really organize is our box of games, take some stuff to Patrick's office and a few boxes to storage. After all of that is taken care of I will post pictures of the place.
We just got back from the best trip with a group of teens ever. They were really great! Patrick and I are really excited to get started with the school year, but we plan on enjoying the summer break. Here are a few pictures of our trip(no students will be in pictures):

We started off our trip with a wonderful breakfast at Hard Rock Cafe

The Olympic Training Center was beautiful. At this training center you must be at least age 15 to be part of the center. All ages can visit.

Patrick and I at the Air Force Academy

The spectacular view at the center.

Pike's Peak

The train that took us up to the top of Pike's Peak.

A fun picture of Patrick and I at the store at the top of Pike's Peak.

Our photo opt at the summit.

Me holding up a big rock at The Garden of the Gods .

"A.K.A. the balancing rock" This is the rock that classes have tried to come and push over after graduation.

Kissing Rock

Patrick and I in front of the Ship Rock

A nice little town set up like the old west. We had dinner and a show here.

The students performed and then we all rode on the rides! This used to be Six Flags.

Patrick and I at the Rockies game. They played the Anthem.

A view of the mountains from the stadium. This was really nice because the game was delayed for bad weather and a tornado watch. We were able to stay for a clear game in which the Rockies continued their winning streak.

The cool Rockies sign.

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  1. looks like y'all had a great trip! glad to hear you're settling in. is there a reason you can't post pictures of the students?