Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Snow Storm

What a pretty sight!The front of our house covered in snow.
The street in front of the house.
Another side shot of the house.
The back yard.
A cool shot of the tree in the front yard.
Bushes with thick snow.
Me thinking WOW snow in DECEMBER!
Who wants to play?
And the snow is still coming down!
Did I mention school was canceled for the day? I get to spend the day with Patrick! Yippee!!


  1. y'all might actually have a white christmas! except you'll be in georgia. ;) sounds like you're surviving the cold pretty well!

  2. It's so beautiful!! Stay safe and warm-- I saw on the weather channel that it's staying pretty brutal out there! Take lots of pictures and bring some with you for Christmas! Let me know if you'll be in Danielsville...we'll be in town the whole time so we'd love to get together!