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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Murder Mystery Dinner & Fun Halloween Cookies

There was a murder mystery dinner in our town at the library hosted by the community theater and friends of the library. Kim, Mike, Patrick and I made up part of the green team. The murder mystery was about a new wing being added to the library, and the mayor ends up not showing to the ribbon cutting of the new wing addition. The Mayor was murdered by someone. There were about 6 to 8 teams that were to investigate the suspects and reach a conclusion of who the murderer was. At the end each team was to make a decision of who the murderer was and why they thought their suspect was guilty. Each team had a very interesting conclusion, but our team was the only one to get it right. GO TEAM GREEN!

The following pictures of my sad attempt at making Halloween Cookies: they are supposed to be 3 eyed monsters, spiders, spiders in spider webs, a cat, ghosts, various other monsters, and pumpkins. I had fun even though with these abilities I would never get a job with the Cake Boss. I'm sure they are still yummy though. Maybe the High School Band Students will enjoy them tonight.

I got the idea from the following website: http://snackpicks.com


  1. oh brooke, i think those are adorable! i love how colorful they are. sounds like y'all are having a fun october. :)

  2. Cute!!! Love the cookies. I love decorating and eating cookies. Last year that's what I wanted for my birthday instead of cake! I like how you used lots of colors and not just black and orange...way better!!

  3. The best part is no baking was involved, so a great quick fix when you need to have something ready for a party.