Saturday, June 4, 2011

Trombone Lamp

Patrick purchased this trombone on eBay his sophomore year in college (2003). He has been wanting to make this trombone into a lamp for some time now. A student at Carroll High said she would weld it for him. All he had to purchase was the wiring, shade, and bulbs. This is extremely cool looking in his office.

On the left I am 29 weeks and I had a rough week. I found out the Friday prior that my blood work came back and I have Hypothyroid. I had to start a medicine that made me feel bad until I got used to it. That is the reason I look so bad in that picture. I almost didn't post it. Thank goodness I started feeling better after taking it a week.

On the right I am 30 weeks. Is it just me or has my belly dropped a little along with it getting bigger. It is amazing how much my body seems to be changing.

Posts to come: An amazing pie recipe and finished back yard project.

1 comment:

  1. cool lamp! i like that it is welded to the base of a music stand. glad you are feeling a little better, brooke. won't be long!