Tuesday, December 11, 2012


1. I have many very cool crafty things that I have been working on and finished. I can't post pictures yet because they are gifts. I don't wish to risk someone seeing their present.
2. Charles is cutting teeth again. I was beginning to think that he was only going to have 4 teeth for the rest of his life. Boom and lateral incisors appear. First the right one that cut through the gum two weeks before he turned 16 months and today I see the left one starting to come out. According to the all the charts online he should have roughly 8 teeth by now and approximately 10-12 by the time he is 2 years old. We will see. I just hope they are healthy.
3. Today Charles had his first cleaning. Let me start off saying I have brushed his gums since he was about 3 months old through now two times a day. Around 13 months he had his first ear infection. He was put on Amoxicillin and half way through the dosage I noticed that he was getting a grey looking substance on his teeth. I researched online and contacted the doctor. We went in and half way through she changed his prescription. Well this weekend I notice this film on his top teeth and I get paranoid that Charles' few teeth are laden with cavities. I worry all night and think oh my goodness. I remember about the film substance from the bottom teeth that is still on the back of his teeth from the amoxicillin. I realize that his top teeth are now fully down and that is why I am just noticing the grey film at the tops of his teeth. I take him in to the dentist today and with their brush/tools are able to zap it right off his little teeth- something regular brushing could not do. Yes he screamed and cried a little but no more so than what he has been lately for me while brushing his teeth because he has a very nice sized ulcer on his upper gum.
4. Today I also went to the doctor. I have been feeling pretty worn out lately and having achy joints. I have also lost 10-12 pounds without changing my diet/workout(I'm not complaining about this part). The new symptom is that I have been feeling dizzy when standing up. I developed hypothyroidism during pregnancy and it has stayed normal every time they have checked it since having Charles. This could be normalizing or getting worse or it could be something else all together. I should know from the blood work they did today exactly what is going on with me.
5. I have checked out a new author from a suggestion of Erika. Her name is Kristen Heitzman. I really enjoyed the first book in the  rocky mountain legacy series. Just thought you might be looking for another great author:)

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