Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One Month

Look who's 1 month already!
Nickname: Little Lady
Interests: Sleeping, Eating, and Being Held
Charles picked out her outfit today. He loves being included and will get his step stool out and watch her being changed. He says, " Did she poop? Stinky booty." He will hand me things to help out too. He loves his baby sister. This past Sunday he got sick and we didn't know if he was contagious or not and had to move him away from her several times. He cried every single time. Even explaining to him didn't help. He wanted to hug and kiss his sister. I am so glad that the doctor told us he had an ear infection and a fever rash, and that he wasn't contagious. I don't know how long I could take him feeling bad and his pitiful cry from not getting to love on his Eredith. (he can't say Meredith).
Picture time begins.

Really Mommy I am so not into this.

Big Brother is so funny.

Alright I will give a half smile so we can be finished already.

And we are done!

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  1. Meredith is beautiful! So enjoy your blog and seeing Charles with his sister.