Monday, December 22, 2014

Hello All

     It has been a very long time since I have been able to sit down and blog. We have had a crazy couple of months. Patrick's waivers all passed for the Marines, so he handed in his letter of resignation at Carroll Community Schools. Then we had to start packing up all our belongs to move south. During the past months I was also working as a full time long term substitute grading, planning, and teaching from the last week in September until the day we left Iowa on December 16. Add in a 3 year old and an infant into the mix and you have your hands full.
    The kids and I will be either with my parents or Patrick's parents while he is in boot camp from roughly January 5 until mid May.We would appreciate all your prayers for our family. Some specific prayer requests: Our family being separated during this time and for Patrick to be healthy and strong with no injuries from now throughout his training.
     We are extremely happy about this new adventure and being closer to family. Know that we will miss all the great friendships we made while in Carroll. We hope each of you will keep in touch and up to date on the going ons of your family.
    I plan on keeping this blog more up to date in the coming year. I want to keep a journal of such while Patrick is in training and away. I think it will therapeutic for me in the long weeks ahead.

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  1. Thank you Brooke for the updates! You have an amazing family and you and Patrick have done so much for CHS and our community. Thank you for being such an amazing sub and great leader of our student senate! Much appreciated! Take care, stay strong and God Bless You! Say hello to the children, your parents and Patrick's as well. Looking forward to following your families adventure.