Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Fun Facts:
1. Big Brown (this is the blanket a couple of posts ago see December 2009) has been weighed and he is the weight of an infant. He is weighing in at 9.5 lbs.
2. Carroll averages about 33 inches of snow in a winter and we will reach that amount by tomorrow. The National Weather people were very wrong about it being a dry and warm winter! ha! The Farmer's Almanac was correct in their prediction though!
3. We finally decided what to put on our mantle after many hours of debate and searching. This did not become a problem until we took all of the Christmas decoration down. Once we frame a picture from our honeymoon (almost 4 years ago) this area will be complete.

Here is the mantle with all of its glory! We are about to have a fire and enjoy some warmth watching one of our favorite t.v. shows "Bones." We highly recommend Bones if you enjoy NCIS type shows. The following are random pictures of the all the snow we have gotten, and just imagine we will be getting at least 4 to 8 more inches. Enjoy the snow scene from the warmth of your home!

There are mounds of snow throughout the town that look like this from the streets and parking lots being plowed.
Here is a shot of Patrick trying to compete with Mother Nature! The snow is up to his knees in our driveway.


  1. I think the mantle looks great!! So does all your snow...what is the furry animal? A rabbit? Whatever it is, it's pretty cool!!

  2. Thanks Erika! The furry animal is a rabbit.