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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Personal Goal

I have started a new goal for myself! I decided that it was time that I started working out. I signed Patrick and myself up at the Rec on Wednesday afternoon. My first workout was on Thursday and I quickly found out I hate the elliptical! It was killing my knees after 5 minutes, so I stopped and decided to work out trouble areas with weights aka the area from the abs down to the thighs. Friday was crazy busy so I didn't get to go back until today. I walked on the treadmill for 25 and ran for 5(future goal is to have more running and less walking), and then did a few weight machines. This may bore you but I need to start off with some accountability from you all until working out becomes routine for me. Hopefully Patrick's back will feel better soon so he can hit the gym with me too.


  1. I'm proud of you! And not bored by hearing about it. :) I also feel obligated to tell people or blog about working out so that I feel more accountable. Luckily Matt is just as determined to stick with it as I am so it's been easy to make the lifestyle change so far. Keep it up!! We can be long-distance gym buddies! Except i LOVE the elliptical...it's my reward if I do good with all the other stuff, haha.

  2. good for you, brooke! i like the elliptical, too erika. brooke, it actually feels more comfortable on my knees than the treadmill. i want chris to start working out with me, too! he'd rather play sports than get on a machine, though.