Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life or Something Like It!

You know the routine...Get up, get dressed, go to work, eat, and go to bed. That has pretty much been what has been going on lately with the Box's. I can't complain about any of that especially the work part. I am really enjoying my job! I finally got the feeling back that I thought I lost a year or two ago about teaching. I don't dread going to work and/or feel sick mind, body, or soul when going to work or thinking about work! My students rock!! Well we have also been to some pretty amazing high school basketball games, a soup supper thrown by the junior class, and had some pretty awesome game nights with our friends Rob, Jill, Mike, and Kim.
On another note, Patrick has become a lumberjack each afternoon and on weekends lately. We already have enough wood to get us through next winter! Men with their toys-I guess I should mention that about two weekends ago he bought an attachment for his weedeater.All the wood came from the branches that fell because of the ice storm. The inmates were brought out to gather branches and put them on the side to be picked up by a company. Which helped out a great deal.
Wood from our yard, the Whitham's yard, and from down our street!

Continued..... We may need to do an intervention! What do you think? I need to borrow the sign from How I Met Your Mother!


  1. brooke, that is wonderful that you are loving your job- what a blessing. haha, that is a great episode of how i met your mother!

  2. Wow, I am so impressed with all the wood yall have gathered! I'm guessing you must have a chainsaw as well. Matt has been pining for one of those for quite some time. I'm glad you love your job!

  3. Erika no chainsaw just an attachment, and I won't take any credit for any of the wood gathering. The attachment thing is pretty awesome though and a lot cheaper than a chainsaw.
    Katy we love How I Met Your Mother! We are waiting on this season to go on dvd.