Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This and That

The Box Family Thanksgiving Week
The Box Men
A picture of our tree. I hope everyone wants books:)
Our nutcracker family. We add at least one each year. Can you guess the new one? Check out last year's Christmas post to see if you are correct!!!
I love snowmen, and this year I created snow for them to sit in throughout the season.

A great book for 4th grade up. This book is about the realities a family and young girl face with a younger brother with autism. I really enjoyed the book Rules by Cynthia Lord. The author has real life experience with autism too, so it really makes the challenges and joys come alive in the book.
Another good book for ages 4th grade and up. Olive's Ocean is about how Martha's life drastically changes over one summer spent with her Grandmother at the coast, time with the Manning boys, and the death of a classmate.
I am currently reading Remember the second book in the Redemption series. The first book was awesome. I strongly suggest you reading this series. Book one is about the Baxter family particularly about Kari, the second born of the Baxter's. She faces the incredible challenge of dealing with a cheating spouse. See how God brings redemption to Kari and many other characters in the book. I will let you know about Remember later.
This is what Patrick has been reading: I really don't know much about them, but he really likes them and wants me to try reading them. I guess I will put them on my list to read.
"Filled with magic and glamour... complex and compelling... a world so intricate and real that it's hard to step out of and hard to forget." (San Jose Mercury News)

He is now on book two of the series. If you have questions about this series post them and I will
get back to you.
Until Next Time!!!


  1. I've read the entire Baxter Series starting with the Redemption Series, into Firstborn, and then finally Sunrise series...they are all GREAT! Now there is the Above the Line Series- Takes 1-4 which I have read all but 3-4.

    Thanks for sharing the book ideas! I am on a quest to read all Newbery books!

    How do you pick your books?

  2. Amber- I pick my books by friend suggestions, through book award winner list/teen choice books, and I also get suggestions from a free site Shelfari. you can have a virtual library of all the books you have read, join groups, and so much more. After entering a book on your shelf it sometimes gives you suggestions of other books you might enjoy. If you join add me as a friend:)
    I started off with the Sunrise series and then the Firstborn series like a big dummy. Now I am at the beginning.