Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nursery So Far & Handmade Knits

The top is of a blanket I am making. It involves two different cables, moss stitch, and seed stitch all on each row. So far I am very happy with it but it is taking me awhile. I hope I can be finished before August. I only have about 37 inches left. The next photo is of a baby bath cloth I am making. I plan to finish the top part out in blue.

This baby bath cloth has two little feet in it. I learned how to bobble to make the toes. Look closely and you will see the feet.

This is the blanket I made before finding out that our baby was a boy. It is supper soft so I hope he likes it.

Me at 24 weeks on Easter Day! This week has been extremely busy so I don't have a picture of week 25. Hopefully I will get one before Wednesday because that is when I become 26 weeks.

Patrick has been working hard in the nursery. He has spent the last two weekends making sure the walls and trim look nice. Yesterday he put up blinds and curtains. We have a topper too but some adjustments need to be made first.

Thank goodness we paid the 10 dollars to get the company to put the bed together! Take a look at what we have so far and part of the process. Sorry that there are not as many pictures of the painting process but I tried to stay away. The Crib

Dresser/Changing Table. The little side portions on top come off when we no longer need them.

A nice shot of the room from the entry. A few pictures down and you will be able to see the prints up close. The awesome chair. This chair is super comfy and rocks and turns. I know I will be spending many hours in this spot. The crib all decorated. We just staged it for some pictures. The lion is from Auntie M and the cute little rattle blanket is from Mrs. Pam. The front toys are some of my nephews old toys... it is a secret...don't tell him. The dresser -we have already started organizing some of the things we have inside and as you can see on the outside too. The following prints are of WWII fighter planes. These prints were the inspiration for the whole room.

Upcoming post: The Bathroom

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