Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oh Well

I had some really cool pictures to share of Patrick and I from Band Award Night, a picture update on the really cool blanket I am making, and I also wanted to share pictures of our newly painted bathroom. Well the bathroom was about two-three weeks ago. I just now had some time to work on updating the blog, and our little connecter to upload pictures is at the High School!!! Oh well I guess all of this will have to wait until Monday or Tuesday.

I would like to say happy birthday to all of our friends and family that have had a birthday recently. I am extremely sorry if I forgot to mail a card. My brain seems to have been removed from my body lately if I don't write down a to do list it doesn't get accomplished. So that everyone gets a happy birthday or happy anniversary:
May 12- Dianne (birthday)
May 13- Addison (birthday)
May 15- Elizabeth (birthday)
May 19- Chris and Lottie (anniversary)
May 23- Patrick (birthday)
May 25-Bill and Mike (birthday)
May 26- Jake (birthday)
May 27- Kim (birthday)
May 29- Alex and Pat (anniversary)

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