Monday, August 1, 2011

Gifts of Love

We are extremely blessed beyond measure with wonderful family and friends. Charles is going to be spoiled rotten and I am okay with that because I know he is loved and cared for by many. We are so thankful for your gifts of love.
These precious burp cloths and wash cloths were handmade with love by Audrey. I absolutely love them. They are too cute. (I have a dream of one day being able to sew). I would just like to point out the one with the airplane a special add on that will match his room. I know the detail was not easy-so thanks!
Mrs. Pam sent us some really cute little outfits, a sleeper that says "I love mommy," and a cute little burp cloth.
Stanley and Judy sent these cute sleepers and onesies. Thanks so much.
I believe we are going to have to step up our outfits to be presentable with our cute little boy:) LOL. Thanks again and I hope everyone is receiving the thank you cards we are sending.

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