Saturday, August 27, 2011

Marching Band Begins

...and that means new t-shirts. Every student in the band has a matching t-shirt they must wear under their band jacket in order to be able to not wear said jacket after half-time. This is new to me since I was not in band, and I married into it. I must say though it is a lot of fun and very neat to see everyone look uniformed. I also like getting a new t-shirt to support my band kiddos and my husband. I hope they have a wonderful year and have lots of fun! This year's show is a Journey show. Even Charles is supporting the band with his shirt "I'm with the band." Charles, Grandma, and I just went to see the half-time show and then left. Since the weather might not allow us to see any more performances I was very happy to get to go see the band, and it was fun to show off Charles too.


  1. OK: what about the weather won't allow you to see any more performances? I seriously hope it is not already too cold!!

  2. that's great that charles got to attend. his first show of many!