Saturday, September 3, 2011

All By Ourselves

So it has been a crazy week. We have been on our own as parents for the first week since our son has come into the world. We have had some major ups and downs. Being a parent is not an easy task, and I believe stay at home mothers should have the highest salary know to man. It is a very rewarding job with smiles and coos but the most exhausting thing ever. I started using Baby Wise Monday during naps and have continued to use it through night time and the week. Let me just tell you I cried right along with Charles all day Monday and some on Tuesday. Although he is picking up on this pattern and getting better at going to sleep on his own without aid. (Now that I said this I know things are going to be tough). Also, Charles has acid reflux and is on medicine that means lots of spit up! I'm talking it seems like epic proportions- he tends to love to share this mostly with his mommy! Along with other special blessings like explosive bad diapers and a sprinkler system that rears its head when least expected. I jokingly tell him he is so lucky he is so darn cute, but he could do any of the above continually and I would love him to pieces. I am so thankful for God's little blessing of Charles in our lives.

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