Friday, September 23, 2011

The Diet of a New Mommy

Rules set by Charles:
1. Easy and Quick meals
2. Able to eat fast

So my breakfast is usually:
Water, Granola: Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix Fruit and Nut, and Strawberry Yogurt

Sandwich, a few chips, either diet coke or water

Whatever we can find that we think will be good. Sometimes it is healthy and at other times not so much. I have to get better here though. I have a goal to have all of my baby weight off by my birthday/Christmas. This is not a huge goal since I was lucky enough to only have 6 pounds to lose on my own since the other weight was baby and fluid. Believe me I was very surprised by this I was expecting to have a lot of weight to work off, and more than likely I will not be this blessed next time.

Starting Monday I will begin couch to 5K. Look for posts on how I am doing. Patrick said he would do this with me. Looking forward to getting healthy and my body back.

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