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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's in his kiss... That is where it is at...

Our sweet boy is 7 weeks old today. He is holding his head up better everyday, he will stand up for about 15-30 second (supported of course), smiles randomly and when talked to (of course when I pull out the camera he refuses to smile), and he is beginning to grasp onto things---my hair is his favorite thing to grab. He also is starting to follow objects better. When crying for his food if you hold the bottle in front of him he will stop (one smart baby) unless you don't get it to his mouth in a timely fashion. He is just too precious and when he is held up to my cheek he kisses me. Which of course makes my day.
The cute outfit is from the Fish's. He is so adorable in it thanks so much!!! The outfit says in case you can't read it: "Awesome like dad."

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