Saturday, November 5, 2011

Three days of Thanks

Thankful in November
Day 4:
I am thankful for my beautiful sister. She is always being a big sister and looking out for me. I really appreciate her so much. She has a really big tender heart and is always willing to help others in need. She is a wonderful mother to my nephew and niece, and one awesome Auntie M. For more about my sister see an old post: April 3, 2010 My Sister.
Day 5:
I am thankful for my mom. We talk everyday at least one time! She is one great mama and an even better Mama C. She loves her babies: Mandy, Me, Truman, Sarah Spratlin, Charles, Andrew, and Patrick. More about my mom on an old post: November 9, 2009 Happy Birthday Mama. (If you know how to link to an old post in a new one please tell me how).
Day 6:
I am thankful for my daddy. I have been a daddy's girl for a really long time. We understand each other really well. I have been told many times that I am stubborn like him. He is a hard worker and loves his babies too. For more about my dad: March 30, 2010 You have watched me grow.

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