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Friday, November 30, 2012

Read All About It

In the past months I have stumbled on some really great authors. The plus side is that they are all Christian authors--so you get great story lines without having to worry what you will come into contact with when you turn the page. My top reading topics when I go into the library: historical, fun modern day, mystery, or medical fiction. I like books that make me laugh, cry, and wonder what will happen next. I, like most readers, connect with the characters in the stories and I go through all kinds of emotions while reading. So enough about me.
The first author I would like to introduce you to is Janice Thompson. Her books are light hearted/modern day and very fun reads. I have read two series by her Weddings By Bella and Backstage Pass Series. The wedding series is where you should start. This series has the perfect themed weddings that one could only dream about. Backstage series will reconnect you with old slap-stick humor like I Love Lucy and The Dick Van Dyke Show. I love the quotes in this series from old Hollywood. I personally can't wait to try out more of her books. It is so nice that in her Backstage series that she mentions characters from her Weddings by Bella series. Check out her blog.
The second author: Karen Witemeyer. Her books will take you back to days gone by to the old wild west. I have read The Short-Straw Bride and fell in love with the characters and story. Four brothers and one fine young lady--who will draw the short straw and have to marry? The second book is To Win Her Heart. Has the new blacksmith changed his ways and will the town allow him to stay after they find out about his rough past. Great story lines right. If your like me you will be begging for more and will not want her books to end. Check out her books and site. My favorite fact from her website is that she loves Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie books.
The third author: Candace Calvert. She gives you a new vision of the lives of doctors, nurses, and other medical staff in her books. I have only read one of her books: Trauma Plan (Grace Medical Series Book 1). This book contained mystery, clinic and ER scenes, and a little romance. I look forward to reading more of her books. She is a former ER nurse turned writer--so people with medical backgrounds when reading her books will not be thinking that doesn't happen while reading. To find out more check out her site.

Now go to your library and check out books by these three amazing authors and let me know what you think.

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  1. Love these recommendations-- I will have to check them out!! Always love to know I'm not the only one reading books like they're going out of style! :)