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Monday, November 12, 2012

So I don't forget...

Charles is getting better and better at spoon feeding himself. He has tackled and is very good at finger foods. We have been working on this for months. I know he is probably a little behind in this particular milestone. He is a pretty content little guy and is happy to just let someone else, mainly me, feed him. A side plus for me is that it is less messy if I feed him. I have to get over this though because he needs to do these simple things himself. Add in the fact that I am having a hard time realizing he is no longer a baby but in fact a toddler. We are growing together.
Other milestones we are working on: standing from a sitting position, and walking without holding onto something or someone. Like I said before he is pretty laid back guy that does things when he wants to do them. Examples of this: crawling he waited until he was two weeks from turning one to crawl, and rolling over- he hit this milestone early but choose only to do so when he wanted to, and so goes the game.
I think the main reason he doesn't just up and walk is because he gets everywhere he needs to be by crawling and climbing. At least he pulls himself up with ease and will cruise along furniture or I would be a real worried mom instead of a semi-worried one.
He babbles and talks all the time. His favorites right now are "no, bye-bye, what, yeah, mama, dadda." I post these things least I forget them for his baby book and photo book because with our schedule I would not have documentation of his growth and milestones. I was great with birth through year one but I'm beginning to lose steam in this category of mommyhood.

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