Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Reading Programs

So Charles and I are signed up for a summer reading program with our library. I enjoy reading so much. I hope to pass this love on to Charles. His program is rookie readers and is all about getting them to enjoy coming to the library and checking out books for us to read to him. He really enjoys going to the library and already knows exactly where to go in the library for his books. He will pick out a few books and go sit at the table and look at them while I gather a few to check out for him. My program is based on pages read during the summer. There are two goals 1,500 pages equals a gift certificate to a local restaurant, and 2,500 pages equals putting your name in a drawing for $100 chamber bucks that you can use in businesses in town and Carroll 5 movie packages. This is majorly exciting for me because I enjoy reading, so why not keep track of the pages I read in order to get a prize or prizes.

Here are the books I read in May: 4 weeks and 4 books for my book a week goal.
1.) The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald; 189 pages. It is set in the 1920's. To see more information check out a recent post of mine.
2.) False Pretenses by Kathy Herman; 389 pages. This book is great. It is set around present day Louisiana. This book is about a young couple setting up an old family home into a bed and breakfast. The home is rich in history and thought to be visited by ghosts if you listen to the locals. Spoiler alert: The family finds out that this home has secret passages that were part of the underground railroad! I would recommend that you read The Sophie Trace series first so that you know some background about the main characters. You will not be lost if you choose not to read this series first but it will help.
3.) Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews; 416 pages. A group of old friends decide to quit just getting together for things like funerals and such. They decide to rent a house at the beach for a month in August. Each friend is going through something: a loss of a job, a marriage on the rocks, and a model that is ready for a change. This is a great book for the summer.
4.) Unashamed by Francine Rivers; 176 pages. This is the 2nd book in the lineage of grace series. This one describes the life and faith of Rahab. This book really makes you think about faith and trust without seeing.

Books that are on deck:
1.) Sweet Talk by Julie Garwood; 357 pages
2.) Dangerous Mercy book 2 in Secrets of Roux River Bayou by Kathy Herman; 408 pages.
3.) Relentless Pursuit book 3 in Secrets of Roux River Bayou by Kathy Herman; 392 pages
~When I finish all three 1157 pages for my summer reading program!!!

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