Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What happened to September?

It seems like I just blinked and September was over. A great deal has went on this month to make it fly by so quickly:
1. We sold our home.
2. Moved to an apartment for the time being. We are slowly getting everything where it goes.
3. Found out our baby is going to be a little girl. I was so shocked that I forgot to make an appointment for 20 weeks before leaving the doctor's office. I had to call later to set up an appointment. It has been 115 years in Patrick's direct line since the last girl, so I kept telling myself it is going to be a boy.
4. I am doing a short term substitute job for someone that is on maternity leave. This is with grades 4-6. I teach 4th grade math and 5th and 6th grade social studies.
5. Homecoming week which is always busy. I was so happy that I didn't have to plan it this year. I got to enjoy it. Patrick has to be at like 3 performances that week which makes it a crazy week for us.
6. I read 2 books: Wedding Belles by Janice Hanna and Not By Sight by Kathy Herman. Both great books. I did not reach my goal this month.
7. Took care of and played with Charles. My major fail is that I only got 4 pictures of him this month. The camera has been packed most of this month. I have it ready to go this month, so be prepared for picture overload.
8. Trying to find girl bedding that I like that doesn't cost a fortune.
That is a nutshell of what September looked like for us.

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