Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August in Review

I can barely believe that August is almost over. It has been an extremely busy and fun month. Charles turned 3 years old on the 10th. It is hard to believe my little guy is so big. He is doing a great job potty training. We started the training in July and it has been trying at times, but we are proud of how he is doing.He is growing and learning something new each day.
 We traveled to Georgia after Patrick finished band camp on August 2, and visited family and a few friends the week of August 3rd-10th. Charles got to have a small family birthday party at each set of grandparents' house. Thomas themed of course. He is train mad and can tell you all the Thomas the Train characters. Meredith enjoyed her time in Georgia but hated the car ride, and boy did she ever let us know how she felt! She graduated to a bigger car seat and enjoys it a little more. Meredith also experienced a half birthday. My baby girl is now 6 months old.  She is babbling, grabbing toys, and trying to sit up. Her smile brightens our days.
Patrick is now back at school, but I need to brag on him he has been working out and eating well. He has dropped over 35 pounds and looks GREAT!!!
We are also very happy for our friends Matt and Erika they also became parents to a beautiful baby girl on August 5th! We have been praying for this precious sweet blessing for over 4 years!

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