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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

1st things

These past few weeks have held a few firsts for my little ones.
1. Meredith went to the pool for the first time ever and really liked it. She really enjoyed kicking her little feet in the water.(7/13/14)
2. Charles got his first buzz cut. He keeps saying my hair is just like Daddy's. I must say I love it too because it is so much easier to control.(7/18/14)
3. We took Charles to his first movie at the theater this past Sunday. We went to see Planes Fire & Rescue. He loved it!!! When the screen came on for the first time he said WOW! He sat quietly for the whole movie and just took it all in, and I must say it was a priceless experience for me to get to see the movie with him. (7/20/14)
4. Meredith had her first ever rice cereal on Sunday too. She liked it so much better than Charles ever did, and yesterday when it was all gone she fussed for more!(7/20/14)

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