Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Busy Bee

    The past two days I have been taking care of odds and ends. I have been on the phone with companies, banks, and insurance until I am ready to scream. All are just fine with no problems thank goodness. I have deactivated Patrick's cell while he is gone, so if you need something message or call me.
    Charles is enjoying reading books and playing with his Track Master Thomas the Tank Engine trains and track. He especially likes it when they crash into each other. Meredith is crawling and getting into whatever she can. We have had to move magazines, toys that she is to little for, and various other things. They both are enjoying bathing in Nina's and G-Pop's big tub. Today we went to the library. I now have a Pines library card again and can get books I want pretty much all over the state! Yahoo!!!! Charles really liked the library up here, but he has always loved going to the library. He loves books which makes this mommy very happy. We also got to chat with Mel, Jeff, and Will for a little while today. It was so nice to get to chat with them.  The kids are doing really well.
  I am doing much better. I had a hard time the morning and day we dropped Patrick off, but getting to chat that night online with him helped me out a lot. I know I will have my moments still, but today no tears. I know Patrick will do well and that he has arrived safely at Parris Island. Continue to pray for his health and safety. We would also appreciate prayers for our whole family while we are apart.

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