Sunday, July 26, 2009

Show us your life:Wedding Dress

So, we have been married a little over 3 years now and I thought I would share my wedding dress story. About a month before our wedding I had a bride's nightmare come true. I did the whole bridal portrait thing. I found this spot on the bottom of my beautiful dress afterward and decided to go to a dry cleaners to get the spot removed, but told them if they were going to mess it up not to touch it. I even wrote this down for them. They decided to clean the whole dress, and they left the broach on for the process. They didn't even call and let me know what had happened! My mom called, and they told her to come with me to pick up the dress that they had picked it. My beautiful dress was now very ugly! We called the store where we purchased the dress and they said that they couldn't find one, but my wedding coordinator found my dress in a size 12 in California! At that point we had less than a month to get it to Georgia and to cut down to my size. Thankfully I had my dress! That was my major crisis as a bride. Thankfully the wedding day had no glitches! The picture above is the only snapshot picture I have to post.


  1. That was so scary!!!! So glad everything worked out.

  2. You were GORGEOUS on your wedding day, Brooke!!