Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sweet Summer Time

First, I would like to say sorry it has been awhile. We have been on the road a great deal lately visiting family and getting to see a few friends along the way when possible. We started our journey leaving our place on June 27th driving from 4am until about 10:40pm before we stopped in Ashville. The next morning we ate breakfast with our friend Jake at the Barrel in Gaffeney. Thank goodness we did not run into the serial killer! Then we went on to see the Box's. We had a great time relaxing, and I enjoyed knitting a little too much because my wrist hurt for 3 or so days! The night before we headed to see the Perry's we went out to have some really great dessert with our friend Jessica at Applebee's. Just say we decided that what we were eating was too good to be full of calories! Late on June 1st we arrived in Danielsville, GA. We were able to see a good bit of the extended family before leaving on July 3rd to go to Greenville, SC to visit with Mandy, Andrew, Truman, and Sarah Spratlin. On the 4th we had a great day of celebrating our Independence. We rested, ate way too much, went swimming, and watched some fireworks. We were really excited when Chris called and asked if we were still in town because we got to see them! Our friends Chris and Katy came over to my sister's house and ate with us and went to the fireworks. It was so nice to see them. My nephew was so cute seeing his first ever fireworks show. He loved the whole thing, but wonder why they had to boom. We left for Iowa on July 5th. At the time we thought hey we are going to go a different way home and see more of America while doing so. Patrick knocked off seeing 3 more states and I knocked off seeing 4 more states. I can't remember which ones were new for him, but Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas were the states I got to see for the first time. I can say that we will probably never do that again. Two days of driving/riding for more than 8 hours is for the birds.
This is a very big vehicle we saw while we were in Arkansas I believe. I didn't take a lot of pictures this time, and even though I do have some of my adorable nephew and niece I will not post pictures on here where anyone can look.


  1. Sounds like a good trip home!! Although I don't think I would EVER survive that much driving...I guess it's the price of moving so far away! Glad you both got to knock off a coupule of new states though!

  2. Glad y'all had a safe trip back. We loved seeing y'all this weekend!