Saturday, October 31, 2009

Date Nights

Last Saturday we went to a murder mystery dinner play. The local community theater put it on and it was great fun. The food was delicious. The menu: fried chicken/ham, potatoes, salad, and other yummy stuff. I figured out the murderer in the first act when he came into the play. Am I great detective or what? I think it is all the murder mystery books I enjoy reading!
Last night their was a musical at the high school called "Little Shop of Horrors," and the students did a fantastic job performing! Two dates in two weekends I don't know what to think. I am enjoying myself and time with the hubby. Some interesting facts about the "Little Shop of Horrors:" it was a $30,000 1960's film that starred Jack Nicholson, and in 1986 the musical version received two Academy Awards, two Golden Globes, and starred Bill Murray. There was a lot more information, but if your interested look up the musicals history online.
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